Foodcrimes: Nixtamal (AKA hominy) from scratch 

* Corn, check.
* Cal (CaOH, 1% of the weight of the corn), check.
* Water (either double the weight of the corn or covered in pot to a depth of one inch, take your pick), check.
* Heat, check.

It's just starting to simmer, now. The cal solution has turned yellow and it smells like fresh tortillas when I take the lid off to stir.

Foodcrimes: Nixtamal (AKA hominy) from scratch 

Simmered 35min. Hull has mostly dissolved from kernels, leaving the liquid sludgy. Next step is to let it sit for at least 8h, so that the solution runs out of free hydroxide.


Foodcrimes: Nixtamal (AKA hominy) from scratch 

Today: Loosened remaining hull bits by rubbing corn kernels between my hands, rinsed 'em thoroughly to remove the last of it. Added fresh nixtamal to broth that's been going in parallel. In a couple more hours, it will be posole.

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