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Let’s talk about heat-related illnesses… 

Alright. Temperatures are hazardous in a significant chunk of the U.S.A. right now, and the rest of the country will get worse in that respect as summer moves in.

Heat exhaustion is what happens when your bodies’ ability to cool itself is pushed to the edge of failure. Learn how to spot it, because this is the last chance to stop a life-threatening emergency.

Untreated heat exhaustion progresses to heat stroke. When your core body temperature reaches 104°F (40°C), it starts to cook. Since your brain is baking in the least fun way, you’re not likely to recognize what’s wrong, or be able to help yourself. The last person to know when somebody gets heatstroke is the one who has it.

With immediate cooling and prompt medical attention, heat stroke has a mortality rate of ~10%. If you can’t escape the heat, your odds of dying rise to 80% in less than 2 hours.

To sum up? Please keep an eye out for one another. Heat doesn’t look like other dangerous weather, but it is.

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Unpopular opinion: Judaism, bodily modification of infants 

Once more for the evening crowd. I’m not trying to convince anyone, nor am I open to being convinced. But since I apparently have a choice between forcing the subject into view now, so others can decide whether my stance is a deal-breaker for them, or getting blindsided when it comes up later? I’m getting it over with.

So! Please see the first post in this thread for a subject absolutely no one wants to talk about. :D

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Please read: Risk factors for hospitalization of young(er) people with COVID-19 

We now have enough data to do some statistics on what gives working-age adults a higher risk of being hospitalized for COVID-19, and once admitted, a higher risk of needing a ventilator. Turns out, the number one risk factor is *smoking* [1].
The authors included e-cigarette use under that header since it was a known health risk before the pandemic. So, we can generalize that one to *having crap in your lungs*.

If having foreign materials in your lungs is the biggest risk factor for most of the population, that means secondhand smoke is also dangerous, and so is air pollution [2].

It's also a somewhat controllable risk. People can swap cigarettes for nicotine gum. Cannabis? Edibles. If you can afford HEPA filters, they're worth their weight in gold. (If you can only get one, put it in your bedroom. You spend at least a third of your time there.)

Oh, and the second-largest risk factor? Asthma, as expected [1].

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I think I've figured out my use-case for social media, and why my activity is so sporadic. It's something I engage with only when I'm unable to do immersive activities. That generally means I'm one or another stripe of brain-fried.

Be aware that that's the slice of my life you're observing here, I guess.

I woke up, looked at my watch, and rolled over to go back to sleep. Then, *HONK*—I jolted awake. Dead silence. Not even a fading echo.

I’ve just been trolled by my own dream.

Let's share: What is the one absolutely most helpful #ArtAdvice in the past years you keep coming back to?

I'll start with "How can you make it more subtle?"

When I paint subjective art, I tend to make contrasts harsher and clearer. Which leads to a more artificial look overall. Dialing that back has been super helpful!

new coolness
the light shining on
starting to fall

thinking about how during Reconstruction, the first thing that the newly freed Black people did was establish what would later become America's public school system. thinking about this in the context of "education is bourgeois" discourse.

Two dragon #drawings! Monday's little spikey half-dragon half-theropod. And today, a ranger rains arrows on her draconic foe while the melee warriors have exactly no success.

Decided to play some Audiosurf. Only issue: Can't find a copy of Yet Another Audiosurf Player so I don't have to use the not-great built in interface. I think I've got a copy on my other PC, but that isn't hooked up right now.

Likewise, with the forums dead, I can't install any of the old graphics mods :(

Anyone have copies of any stuff?

(Boosts OK)

the goal of video games is to simulate having cooler problems than you actually do

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Twitter money scam 

Apparently the latest thing is to build bots that:
- watch for people asking, "what's your paypal / venmo / etc"
- clone their account (identical avatar, identical display name, slight variation on account name)
- post their own whatever payment method
- block the OP so they don't see the scammerbot's reply

(image in linked tweet is an example in action)

What's it with
people who
talk like this
in chat rooms
instead of putting everything
in one line
do you do this?
can you explain it to me?

today is dragnday! :dragnmlem:

(every day is dragnday for me)

In reporting on the fuel shortages, the BBC really had no other choice in who to send.

Can we all take a moment to appreciate this photo from Martha Wells (author of the Murderbot Diaries)'s website

All browser prompts need a "Lie" function in addition to Allow and Block.

<Website> wants to:
* Know your location
* Use your camera
[ Allow ] [ Block ] [ Lie ]

#drawings this morning. Reptilian player characters (kobold, dragonborn) ready an ambush for a reptilian monster. Finished up this idea of halfling bandits holding up a human, and filled the rest of the page with studies of drow hairstyles.

“Oh, we’ve already had one gender. But what about second gender?”
“I don’t think they know about second genders.”
“Elevenses? Tea time?”

Enby question 

Hey people,

Does anyone know of any resources that actually explain the differences between agender and neutrois, please ? :3

There are so many different identities (which I think is good !) that I sometimes get lost…

Boosts very appreciated and thank yooouuu :sparkles_nb:

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