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Please read: Risk factors for hospitalization of young(er) people with COVID-19 

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I think I've figured out my use-case for social media, and why my activity is so sporadic. It's something I engage with only when I'm unable to do immersive activities. That generally means I'm one or another stripe of brain-fried.

Be aware that that's the slice of my life you're observing here, I guess.

Mastodon polls don't show who voted for what, and looking at the API it seems like that information is completely hidden from the client.
This should work for getting anonymous responses to questions, right?

Here is an explanation of how gene editing works, and what the chemistry nobel prize was this year:

the following servers are welcoming snouts users. please be respectful of their capacity limits and rules.

Instance — Sign Up Limit — no limit — no limit — 250 — 100 — 100 — 50 — 25 — known friends only

dm to add your instance.

boost for visibility :boost_anim_vanilla:

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Uspol, good news 

A genuinely complete archive of BBC Micro games, with the ability to play any of them in browser, sound included:

Afropessimism, origin of blackness 

Rose is red, violets blue,
Sugar's sweet and so are you,
Then add another bit,
Wait this ain't a lymrick,
My poem! What the fuck did you do!?!?

Just described the internet as "a view into the minds of people who stick forks in toasters."

Yet another reason for (especially smaller) instances to keep new accounts held in an application queue: 

By the way, one of the best free art software tools nobody's heard of is "Peg It," by RavenBlack. It lets you choose the amount of JPEG compression more exactingly than any other art programs I've used, and it can produce sharper JPEGs with smaller file-sizes than them. You can download it at:

Ozymandias, All Star 

:opens dragon muzzle, emits sound of extremely distorted and weirdly disturbing numbers station:


historical perspective 

MH and using it as an excuse to do harm 

to be completely honest, the amount of people on this platform who don't grapple with some form of mental health situation is probably in the double digits at best

we're all dealing with shit. it doesn't mean you get to dehumanize others in other ways

it's not a free pass to be an awful person to others

i'm really fucked up, if you want some disclosure, and i ain't out here telling people to end their own lives because i get upset

fuck that shit, no excuses

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uspol, the obvious, rant, also unkind 

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