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I think I've figured out my use-case for social media, and why my activity is so sporadic. It's something I engage with only when I'm unable to do immersive activities. That generally means I'm one or another stripe of brain-fried.

Be aware that that's the slice of my life you're observing here, I guess.

@IceWolf also of note, the author himself of the book everyone gets this pseudo science about alpha wolves from has publicly denounced his own research as bunk. He says exactly what you said, that he studied wolves in captivity and got results relevant to wolves in captivity.

Have you made your recommended dose of animal noises today?

written language is just an assortment of symbols that represent arbitrary mouth noises that individual cultures have collectively agreed upon the meanings of over the course of generations of use.

and that's pretty awesome, innt?

@LexYeen just imagine this on a scrap of paper in an abandoned laboratory after the end

M43: Dust, Gas, and Stars in the Orion Nebula

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble, HLA; Reprocessing & Copyright: Bryan Goff #APoD

Seattle-local, car theft 

Today I learned that Ken Sample, a black furry artist, was either one of the first people or /the/ first person to come up with the concept of the fursona.

I am so, so tired. Maybe I'll sleep for a day, this weekend. That'd be nice. (Unlikely due to fireworks, but still.)

re: Stupid Evopsych Beliefs about Homosexuality 

@Yana @Draekos I am effectively selling snake oil but the snake oil in this case is a collection of pixels that causes your brain to hallucinate your fursona

I boosted someone else saying this a couple days ago, but I haven't seen it posted today so, Bandcamp is waiving their cut of sales again today, so it's a good time to support black musicians.

Stupid Evopsych Beliefs about Homosexuality 

If someone wants to help writing documentation for FLOSS, what's a place to start?

Sign of our times 

uspol, public white nationalism 

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