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I think I've figured out my use-case for social media, and why my activity is so sporadic. It's something I engage with only when I'm unable to do immersive activities. That generally means I'm one or another stripe of brain-fried.

Be aware that that's the slice of my life you're observing here, I guess.

banned from the all-genders restroom for not having enough gender

Foodcrimes: Nixtamal (AKA hominy) from scratch 

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Wish more Asians, esp paler East Asians like me, would realize that 1) we benefit from colorism and perceived respectability (meaning we are useful to hold up against Black and brown people, see "model minority"), but 2) we will never be accepted as white, only acceptable adjuncts in upholding whiteness.

Instead too many of us deny our relative privilege while secretly thinking whiteness is an attainable goal, which is completely backward.

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I’m going to say one more thing on this tonight.

“Homeless” does not have a look. Someone can be coping with houselessness while still looking put together. I did for 6 months while living out of my car back in South Carolina.

Do not assume that a person who says they are houseless is lying just because they are not dirty. Do not assume that someone who has a nice outfit on is well off.

You cannot know their challenges at a glance. So be kind and help when you’re asked and able.

Daily reminder that this is one of the ladies featured in the modern board game The Lady and the Tiger, and i love her.

Y'know, I'm thinking about this one Michael Parenti quote — "the revolution that feeds the children is the one I support" — and yeah, that honestly describes a lot of my political thought.

How are we going to give everyone on this planet a decent, dignified life in such a manner that the next n generations of our descendants will be able to enjoy lives at least that good, if not better?

And really, I mostly see politics and theory as a means to that end, not a goal in and of itself.

"Jen Nia Mondo", two beginners level books for learning #Esperanto, are now available for free.The books comes with
audio so you can listen to well-spoken Esperanto in addition to read in the books.

hey, i got a lot of empty slots in my queue and bills to pay since commissions are my primary source of income rn

PSA: if you have a red panda 'sona then there is a CRUCIAL PATCH that you need to install IMMEDIATELY.

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here is something I've learned that might be helpful:

it is almost never useful or convincing to disregard someone else's lived experience, no matter how outside of your expectations and imagination it might be

Foodcrimes: Nixtamal (AKA hominy) from scratch 

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Foodcrimes: Nixtamal (AKA hominy) from scratch 

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