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UK TERFs, stickers, safety 

A friend pulled a TERF sticker down today; used their keys and found a couple of razorblades behind it too (image: memo sent to Virgin Trains staff about this last September).

Remember to not use your fingers to get rid of this kind of shit.

Some of the libraries in Finland🇫🇮 have workshops equipped with soldering stations, laser cutters, woodworking tools, 3D printers and sewing machines. The staff is extremely lovely and helpful 😁

That's how staying relevant, as a place of science and culture, looks like

🍎 Jailbreak your iphone and hack the OS

🤖 Root and flash your android phones with custom OSes you can play with

🖥 Flash your computer's bios to show ascii art on POST

🏳️‍🌈 Cover everything you own in stickers and patches

⚧ Hack your endocrine system. Steal genders or cobble your own together with spare parts

Own your stuff inside and out. Customize it to make a statement, reflect your identity, or just because you can. It belongs to you and no one else. Leave your mark on it. ✊

Biker's Turnovers 

Dr. Warner says he was high on somethin' called Biker's Turnovers. It's a nootropic for jack russel terriers.

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