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these are not pictures of me (an endless void) because i am an endless void and therefore do not have a physical manifestation. however, that being said, if i DID have a physical human body, it might look something like this

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me and @HTHR are currently having a virtual fistfight about which one of us is going to make a better GENDERWRECKED spiritual sequel. fucker

what’s up masto i’ve been gone forever but friday was @HTHR’s birthday so i drew her lianna from her game

me: *wears jeans instead of a skirt / goes makeup-free for one day*
me: what is UP my fellow MASCS. who wants to FIX some PICKUP TRUCKS

it finally happenes. someone explained the word “praxis” to me. i was force-fed the apple of knowledge and now i have been cast out of the garden of blissful ignorance. and you know what the apple tasted like? tasted like sweet, sweet, delicious praxis

FYI— i don’t want to shave any part of my hair, i have a lot of anxiety about cutting my hair so anything that drastic that would be hard to grow our is a Strong No

hey mastodon help me out. my hair is really long and i dont wanna cut it short but i still want a hairstyle that says “im gay and want to kiss girls and enbies”

please advise

‪mastodon is nice because there’s no quote-tooting

‪if you wanna say something about someone’s post you gotta either reply to them or make a separate post. imo it prevents a lot of the toxic interactions that happen on twitter‬

thanks, all y’all sending supportive words

i didn’t know how to tell people about this so

i stopped on the side of the road on my way home, sat down under a random tree, tore a page out of my sketchbook, and stayed there for an hour making this

making a salad out of pomegranate and eggplant as an affront to god and puritans everywhere. that's right, folks, your sex-positive praxis can be both radical AND delicious

OUT NOW: "The Wall," a short browser-based narrative game in which you click through a mystery programmer's code in order to discover the story of a society divided by an enormous wall. featuring ascii art by @HTHR!

hey gamers! i'm excited to announce that THIS THURSDAY i'll be releasing THE WALL! it's a short interactive fiction artgame featuring ascii art by @HTHR about a beautiful fantasy world where programmers and artists respect each other... have a gif!

hello, this idiot didn't know that minefaire was a minecraft thing, and has been pronouncing it "min eh fair" for the past two weeks

brad: [takes a sip of coffee] ooh, that's good praxis!
cass: that's not what that word means
brad: so what does it mean?
brad: [takes another sip of coffee]

brad: hey lianna, i figured out this new fighting technique, wanna see?
lianna: hell yeah let's see it
brad: HUAGH [headbutts a tree and knocks himself out]
lianna: i have never been more proud in my life

lianna: [points at bicep scar] THIS one i got from my fight with the murder giant, back in '87
lianna: [points at nose scar] THIS one i got from a knife fight on a dare
lianna: [points at eyebrow scar] and THIS one i got from forgetting to call the doctor for a couple years

yo what's up friends!!! i just finished drawing the first round of sprites for the from @HTHR's EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER! meat brad (he/him), cass (they/them), sam (he/him), and lianna (she/her) :D

tabletop RPG where two players take turns being pungo (a kooky 30-something who owns his own designer cereal company) and his roomie dwarbus (a 50yo ex-marine who is now a socialist painter.) the objective is to escalate their relationship into romance in a natural and emotionally fulfilling fashion, giving serious thought to character development and side plots along the way

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