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these are not pictures of me (an endless void) because i am an endless void and therefore do not have a physical manifestation. however, that being said, if i DID have a physical human body, it might look something like this

cybre.space/media/liOTlHeQ-Ju1 cybre.space/media/KZavqNtBOgH9 cybre.space/media/wvhJgxdYk3DI cybre.space/media/-8GTm2h8Ws1F

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AUGH i forgot to caption my images so here's some captions in a reply

1. a selfie of me (a gothy-lookin nerd with tongue & septum piercings)

2. a three-panel comic of a possum and a raccoon discussing how capitalism is fucked

3. the first page of my minicomic "(non)binary star," about a young trans witch trying to find their way in a magical practice that's centered around the gender binary

4. a screenshot from GENDERWRECKED where the player can choose their pronouns

hey i never really do proper introductions so uhhhhh hey i'm ryan rose or VOID and

- i'm gay with shitposting icon @HTHR
- my style icon is ebony dark’ness dementia raven way
- i’m a gay trans leftist
- i make gay trans leftist comix & vidyagamez

check out my shit at gendervamp.itch.io

cybre.space/media/OA2AZa9nlZIy cybre.space/media/qEJGYNEH7Q0i cybre.space/media/OwbGTnmS3FdI cybre.space/media/vMwKt9MFKsxi

lianna: hey brad why did you just buy three fifty-gallon barrels of lube
brad: oh, you know
lianna: i do not

some videogames major is currently whining about how "white boy" is a slur. i wish i could say "i can't believe this shit" but let's be real here

happy valentines gay!!!!! GENDERWRECKED (by @VOID and me) is 50% off to spread that good good gay cheer :D

* make out with the sun
* be mean to a tree
* seduce a robodad

"A dating sim" -- IGN


hey gamers,

GENDERWRECKED is 50% off this valentines gay!!! from now until saturday you can get the game VentureBeat describes as "born straight out of the mesmerizing garbage fire of social media sites like Twitter" for only $3.33! what a steal, folks


this is flora, your uni GSA vice president! she's a very responsible trans girl with tentacles for daaaaays

anyway y'all, get psyched to kiss her and loads of other cute gay monsters in !!! a visual novel by me (president of the gays)


*to the tune of wake me up before you go-go*

i gotta do, some boring work now
*backs outta the room after a bow*

*to the tune of wake me up before you go-go*

suckin dick, behind the arby's
mom didn't let me play with barbies

(that one is autobiographical)

*to the tune of wake me up before you go-go*

i got a real cute hexagirlfriend,
and i will love her til the world's end

*to the tune of wake me up before you go-go*

hey there buddy, hey amigo
do you believe in the wendigo?

i really love cuddling my cute lil hexagirlfriend @HTHR but it gets kinda uncomfy sometimes, cuz her elbows are so sharp, and she has six of them,

hey kids wanna hear something wacky?? what if shirts... but on your legs??? would that be fucked up or what?? i cant even imagine what that would look like wait oh shit thats just pants, im just talking about pants, alexa abort please dont send toot repeat please dont send t

one time i jokingly told my friend that i bought my mirrored shades at a cop store and also that instead of paying for them i ate the money and ran because fuck the cops. but she didnt realize i was joking and thought i was telling the truth and i didnt know how to tell her it was a lie so i just let her continue to believe and then like 2 weeks later those sunglasses broke and thats why lying is bad kids

wip sketch of a gay monster kiss club bb-- this is jude! he's your roommate, best bud, and the token "cis straight boy" of the friend group (spoiler alert: he is none of those three things)


MEDITATION TEACHER: Eyes closed... continue to take deep breaths... now... start to focus on centering yourself
SHAPESHIFTER: <turns into a centaur>

arty stuff can include games, music, whatevs