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I doodled but no one read it

I'm basically trans.

Everyone on here is just so cute aaaaaa

Hi I'm Abby and I like hugs

Apollo is reminding me why I hate iOS design so much, but unlike Apple's usual designs, Apollo is actually super functional.

alright not gonna lie, I just said fuck it and installed Apollo for Reddit or whatever and paid for premium because devs are awesome

what about reddit apps? preferably ones that are free

I watched Early Man tonight.

idk why, I just did

I forgot to mention

I just realized I completely lost access to my old apple ID earlier today.


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@keithzg here's a teardown of the phone I have if you wanna see how crazy it is to just to get the battery

so uhh while I'm thinking about it

what's a good mastodon app that supports iOS 10? I want to browse masto on my loaner phone

hey @catoutofbed you have a nice avatar and it makes me smile every time I see it in my timeline

(kinda gross and lewd tbh) Elon Musk made another huge promise on reddit today, so you know what that means... Show more

so fun times

took my nexus 6p in to get the battery replaced and the screen (the actual screen part, not the glass) broke

guy gave me a loaner phone and is gonna order a new screen plus a new screen protector

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so my banking app has Zelle which is nice.

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@theZacAttacks Google home for example has an error when I try to rematch my voice... says "enrollment cannot complete" in a fucking toast notification, and instantly dismisses the voice match window. it's BS

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Dear Android developers: a toast notification is NOT the proper way to convey an error message

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@UberActivist *pops up*


Dear Android developers: a toast notification is NOT the proper way to convey an error message

someone complemented my hair today at work

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