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salt about foss culture 

@malin haha zero antagonism, that's a lovely fantasy

FOSS is political, but also kinda weird.

Most political viewpoints have nay-sayers, but you don't get people who say 'code should be hidden'. Nobody loves Windows - they put up with it. Nobody says it's great that all governments have their computers controlled by a single, foreign corporation.

It's 100% 'raising awareness' and 0% antagonism.

A trend I've noticed is that I become gayer the longer I'm exercising (until the limit when I only notice that I'm exhausted and sore).

Something about the long exercise sessions really gets me noticing the backs & butts of other guys much more keenly than when I have not yet exercised that day.

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i can't believe philosophers are wasting their time trying to figure out the meaning of life when it's obviously "pat as many things as you can and get as many pats as you can"

Raspberry Pi folks admit they fucked up the USB-C power circuit in the rpi4 and "expect this will be fixed in a future board revision".
there are worse things than a 10MB CSV, I worked at a place and one time had to process a 210MB XML file.

Biking 24 miles means that thinks I walked about 2.3 km and did not get me any closer to hatching eggs.

"nuclear fusion levels are 36% and steady" –

...and have been for about fifty years now.

Which Van Halen is the best?

If only there were standard vocabulary for private instance administration & moderation notices so I could filter them out of my home TL. Unless it's about this specific instance, I don't care.

Listening to the episode about and hopefully I'll remember some of the stuff I learned, such as:

β€’ was *not* the first person to receive an education (by about a decade)
β€’ US blind education was so dedicated to universal design that the blind students used Braille as a way to pass notes and write love letters that their teachers couldn't decipher.

I need to stop jokingly calling myself a gamer because it's going to come true

:blocky_white_cursor: *clicks an interesting URL*

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Server: "Oh you're not from the US, have our regional website."

🌐 Other server: "Hi I'm the regional website and I have no idea what page you were trying to view so here's our main index!"

This is an entertaining look at Pride and other parades in the US, and has a *fantastic* 3-way pun in the title, if nothing else:

There's something in here to make *everyone* uncomfortable, I suspect.

who decided to call it joke theft instead of refried memes

possibly a *real* hot take from kit this time, instance meta 

@petra @KitRedgrave Light color schemes are the real threat here. /s

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