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I just pasted a URL for a mobile website without changing it to a naked www URL. Guess I can admit I've permanently given up hope of self-respect.

"Simba the monarchist whom lifestyle anarchists Timon and Pumbaa attempted to save from the crimes of aristocratic privilege but whom instead decided to launch a coup against the left-Bonapartist Scar and his reforming administration."

"[Radlibs] obsess way, way too much over corporate mass media products. These companies play them like a fiddle and make a fortune."

There is nothing wrong with making new characters of someone else's so-called "closed species". They might get mad, but that's their personal problem that you didn't respect the exclusivity they paid for.

graham linehan - terf
alabama republicans - non-terf transphobes

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@ConnyDuck Richard Stallman DESTROYS Gab fanboys with FACTS and LOGIC

@ConnyDuck @Tusky what else should it be if there is the whole source code I can alter and compile myself?! How is this even worth discussing? :antifa: :anarchoheart1: :hug:

Reminder that not only are Electron apps slow, but they also rely on proprietary software (portions of the chromium codebase). Atom, VSCodium, Riot "Desktop", are all guilty of this. All of them ping home to Google because of this.

Also related: There is nothing cross platform or native about releasing your web app in a little Google Chrome window. Frankly, that's just a deceptive claim. If it can be locally run in a browser, release it that way so the user can use their own browser.

>I remember so many just everyman viral videos. Our culture seems to think they still exist. TV shows still occasionally feature a trope of someone trying to go viral on youtube. But when was the last time we actually saw it? The mechanism for it seems to have been obliterated. No more Star Wars Kid, no more Numa Numa Guy, no more Francis flipping a table, no more Leave Brittany Alone.

>The youtube algorithm has basically decided real people, in all their weird, quirky, idiosyncratic glory are dangerous and need to be suppressed. They can't be monetized, and since they can't be monetized, they are the bottom of the barrel in terms of discoverability. Facebook has decided people shouldn't see the posts of the people they follow unless someone has paid them for advertising. Twitter has decided that they need to sort your feed according to what they think is important, and put a few quality filters on it to boot.

>It seems something wonderful has been lost. A symbol that the internet was for "us". We were all a part of it, and we all belonged on it. That everyone was a little bit weird, and that was wonderful. Now it's wonderful, wonderful billboards reaching as far as the eye can see. And it happened hardly without anybody noticing. I also can't help but think it's reduced our tolerance of each other, having this weird corporate doppelganger replace what we used to think was a reflection of the public.

re: ontario pol, - 

@velexiraptor I can't think of a single outdoor activity that doesn't break at least one of these rules

re: /r/relationship_advice bullshit 

@wxcafe Ain't that like the obviousest of obvious /r/relationship(_advice) trolls tho?

re: /r/relationship_advice bullshit 

reading the post i think she's fishing for support for arguing with him

which like

she should dump his ass obviously but like

jeeze straightness is a hell of a drug

@chara_dreemurr True, and as the article points out, Gutenberg got it spread and adopted, which seems to be a bigger requirement for being credited as an inventor...

You don't hate cars you hate bad drivers and the improper substitution of public transit with private transportation

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