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MLP S8e07 

O shit Twilight just insulted P. Celestia (she's a terrible actress)

MLP season 8 spoilers 

O shit an episode that may as well be about

I'm watching the leaked Season 8 episodes. without music and only half the foley is a fucking weird experience. I also need to watch the and remember it takes place between seasons 7 & 8

Ok, I think 's roommate is my soul character. This is even worse than I thought. I'm just not IRL obnoxious enough to be Bojack.

Also, what is this shit!?!?!?!?!?!???? I'm doing on a (gotta get down) night!?!??????

Should I watch another episode of go to bed?

What should I do on Saturday nights now that there aren’t any more episodes for ?

is half the fun! (I’ve got a streak, occasionally spiky)

I’m a that you plug into your . I’m not , so I require a USB-A port, rather than the more compact USB-C model.

I’m pretty much never in-character in this account: it’s more of a 98% pure kind of account.


and use a tactic that is immensely familiar to any US citizen: just use last year’s budget if you can’t pass a new one in time

MLP s7 finale 

They used the storybook illustration for the first time in a very long while. I like that alternate art style.

(Following toots shall go unlisted so I don’t clog the TL more)

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is going to start. First off, a about followed by a couple videos of people who run cat rescues interacting with their cats ( with his lions and 's wife with a tiger cub that's the size of a medium-large dog).

Next will probably be the finale.

MLP spoilers, lewd suggestions 


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MLP spoilers 

does not have much strength in physical magic (or they just played the amount of books packed as a gag). She managed to levitate all the books individually at the same time without problem, but she suddenly struggles once they're all in the same suitcase. Maybe all her magic power is in mind control magic with just enough to levitate herself when necessary.

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Woot. Spent two hours watching music videos and imagining writing a marching band show instead of watching .

Going to and brush my teeth, then get back to for some cute poners

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