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They keep saying every creature instead of everypony and it’s fucking grating

Can anyone get to work with ? It gets the URL I give it, but it then gives a 404 instead of finding the video file.

you didn’t tell me this was a pity party 


you’ve heard of cherry MX now get ready for 

Oops. Should have tagged that with as well. Poor Twi

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TV night: MLP S8 premier 

I used to wonder what could be
Until you all shared its with me

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A recorded talk of Wadada Leo Smith explaining his graphical music scores.

Go search YouTube for β€œWhy Artificial Intelligence-Composed Music Must Ultimately Fail”

It’s amazing

world events, us pol mention 

Frenzied protestors in [redacted] set fire to the American flag, then ripped it apart and ate the smoldering remnants while watched followed by a bonus Frasier

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