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Biking 24 miles means that thinks I walked about 2.3 km and did not get me any closer to hatching eggs.

If the local and communities had other hubs, I would lose precisely nothing whatsoever when I . However, I need to make my tools accessible to others so they can continue my work once I delete my account and I have no idea where Iโ€™d get a centralized repository of drum circle communications.

Oh, Iโ€™d also miss the convenience of being a single repository with 98% of everyone Iโ€™d ever want to message in a single app.

Thinking about modifying a Pokรฉmon to reflect the mechanics of and use unusual dice (d120, d48, etcโ€ฆ)

The mechanics seem to be the easy part. The hard part is deciding whether the sample campaign should be in the world but with mechanics or the sample campaign is literally rival parties battling for control of gyms in PoGo.

in unusual for mobile in that it is fun and grindable even if youโ€™re not chronically unemployed.

Nazi symbolism, PoGo, fediverse meta 

I am surprised and extremely proud of you all today for not starting a and/or over Pikachuโ€™s latest hat.

Thereโ€™s been a ton of drama in multiple FB communities over the fact that if you change the design on the new pikahat from pointy to blocky lightning s and then rotate one of them, you form the SS logo.

Guess what, if you draw a heart and then erase it and draw the SS logo, that also is just like the SS logo.

There are roughly 400 million combinations of IV, species, and power-up level in

My social life here is objectively better than it was in Madison, but that is entirely due to . However, I miss the independence I had there and how everything just felt closer together.

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If you make a DB to calculate the CP for every IV/Level combination for all pokรฉmon, it would take around 295 million rows.

I wish made derived tables that require if statements to generate easy to make.

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One thing that sucks about a culture where folks donโ€™t their posts full of combined with a lack of full-text search means I canโ€™t find interesting posts in the future when I need them.

In this specific case, itโ€™s everyoneโ€™s friend codes, should I choose to friend you all and reveal some of my bat-identity.

That was exactly as good (and possibly even better) than I expected!

Waiting for the bus to go home (no information is often better than bad information) and the low quality of 's performance put a slight damper on my mood (there's a reason I call myself a software quality terrorist)

Some highlights:
โ€ข Drumming
โ€ข Topless dancers
โ€ข Topless drummers
โ€ข Goth dancers
โ€ข A dude wearing only a speedo and a stetson
โ€ข A lady who looked just like an ex of mine but she had a son instead of a daughter

Iโ€™m conflicted as to whether or not to add folks who have shared their friend codes, since my trainer name is notably different than my name here. Perhaps I could add you all on the iPad account that nominally belongs to my brother.

made in totally useless.

Maybe Iโ€™ll trade away my good pokรฉmon in return for credit.

I had someone approach my car while I was turning a red gym blue and request $4 to help with pregnancy expenses. I told her that I didn't have any cash (usually true). When I got home, I found that I did have a dollar in my wallet because I forgot to drop it in the donation box after the drum circle.

Hey why can't I post stuff to followers+local TL only? I really need to make that Pleroma privacy rewrite a reality.

>tfw no gay guys hit on you while playing in the park after

In other news, definitely and not fully . Friendโ€™s wife had to sit on my lap as we piled into the car like a troupe of clowns and I got an inopportune .

Time to take a pokรฉwalk, maybe touch my non-pocket computer, and rock the fuck out to Cornelius Cardewโ€™s Treatise.

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