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I am now the proud owner of a tuned to D๐„ณ, Eโ™ญ, F๐„ฒ, B๐„ฒ, Dโ™ฎ, Eโ™ฎ. Yes, those are quarter-tones sharp and flat and yes, that is a tritone between the F & B. The neutral second is a neat interval, as are the intervals between a perfect fourth and a major third or between a major second and minor third.

I'll want to buy better for it soon, though.

Plato quotation, part 1 

โ€œMusic was once divided into its proper formsโ€ฆnot permitted to exchange the melodic styles of these established forms and othersโ€ฆThe rule was to listen silently and learn; But later, an unmusical was led by poets who had natural talent, but were ignorant of the laws of โ€ฆ

Which recording of for 18 Musicians is best for a ?

โ€ข Original 1976/8 Steve Reich Ensemble
โ€ข 2000 Steve Reich & Musicians
โ€ข 2007 Grand Valley State University
โ€ข 2015 Signal

What would pair well with Shine on You Crazy Diamond to create a cohesive or arrangement?

I encourage you all to read this article about the cultural devaluation of (and the previous article it links to about how terrible the Artist/Album/Track system is for anything other than pop & rock music). You almost certainly will not agree with all seven points or the responses & comments, but thatโ€™s more reason to enjoy it:

After I finish this fucking rant (Iโ€™m sweating a lot and throwing caution to the wind this evening), Iโ€™ll make a post or two about the I intend to create.

being flippant about death 

If I had my own best interests in mind, Iโ€™d avoid the following activities for the next six months:

* Listening to
* paying music
* writing music
* reading music
* musically
* discussing compositional ideas

That way there is no possibility for me to join the

Who am I kidding? If I give up music, will be my primary motivator.

MLP s7 finale, TV night 

After the recap, part 2 opens with a inspired by O Fortuna but different enough not to get Youtube strikes.

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