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one of my top 10 Jerkcity moments 

Who can’t imagine saying β€œsquirt up and down my ”?

Bonequest's opinions on computers 

…perhaps they can bring us closer together

…a very convenient way to communicate

…they are amazing

…they only count as high as you let them

If you are tonight, tune in to and hop in the to submit your Bonequest Requestsβ„’ as DJ Doop run Radio Free !


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In celebration of (formerly ) turning 20, tune in to a special all-vinyl live 1980s mix to celebrate over at starting at 4:20 PM PDT.

Now that is closing down, I’ll need to check about once a week for the sole purpose of maintaining with Mr. and the guys.

(Miitomo was our preferred communication platform prior to this)

Jerkcity finally updated today and the results completely fail to live up to the hype of a week and a half production delay just to post strip #6969 on 4/20, which is all part of the charm.

The strip itself could be a shitpost stolen from this site.


Link to Jerkcity's server centered on downtown . Its contents are exactly what you'd expect. If you pan around for a bit, there's also a giant () shuttle testing facility and roads to nowhere.

Yesterday’s (as in Wednesday) is just Spigot looking smug and saying β€œGAY AND TRANS PORGS” over the Space Nuts background

should gather a of or , do (both medicinal and recreational), call one of the below numbers, and β€œFrere Jacque / Frere Jacque”. Not sure when the deadline for the project is.

+1 (877) 544-7575
+1 (469) 777-4468
+44 12 7742 4283
+46 108 848 264

CMS queueing advice requested for far future 

I've got a project of an automated -style webcomic. What I need is some way of automatically filling a buffer on some CMS with the output of some python code about once a week.

The posts in the queue really would be a pre-queue where I could reject the ones in extremely poor taste or notably boring. The pre-queue is because the real queue would have the titles and characters pre-announced.


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