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Federated Reddit? 

The would be improved if we could follow or instead of . Following users invites toxicity when strong opinions disagree on issues unrelated to the reason you followed the other person in the first placeβ€”think of all the "I'm so disappointed I ever found you interesting because you hold these views (on something entirely separate to the interesting subject I followed you for)" you see.

I wonder if there is a way for server admins to run a query to return which users are the biggest fans of

Good news, everypony! The search results for are filled with homosexual pornography!

They’re mostly posted from the same couple accounts on a specific instance. No idea if they’re botposting or human accounts (I’m leaning toward bot due to their consistent and non-ironic use of )

I really wish keyword mutes were stored server-side so clients and apps could use them consistently.

Namely I’d remove any mention of the following from my home TL (non-exhaustive list, added for comedic ):

β€’ MH

is one of the most bittersweet there is.
Now I’m extra salty I did not see the notification about the -6.5 magnitude until an hour after it flew by last month.

One thing that sucks about a culture where folks don’t their posts full of combined with a lack of full-text search means I can’t find interesting posts in the future when I need them.

In this specific case, it’s everyone’s friend codes, should I choose to friend you all and reveal some of my bat-identity.

The , the , and the model train hat caused a sexual awakening in me back in 2015

Original featuring Weird Al's pony and a few accidental beat drops:

(Excessive are for and poking fun at everyone)

@Azure, I know you’re somewhat interested in proper tagging and @mona you’re either also interested or are good friends with someone who is.

What do you think about the idea of instance admins being able to alias to one another?

If you like it, should they be put into pools (so that a search for any one in the pool also returns results for everything else) or each given a list (sometimes where they mutually reference each other)?

What is the most cursed combination of CWs you can think of? 

, , , cat piss

down here because it looks nicer this way

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Want to guess what solidified my decision to do any on rather than ? (This would be a if worked there)

My local meetup is on the same day of the week as my and the is not.
I still may give Ruby a try, but I already use , and I’ve heard the two are similar enough that it’s not worth learning both unless you have specific projects in each language you enjoy.

Seriously Masto’s privacy model has really stupid holes, such as needing to spam a post to the local & fed TL just so the work. It’s no wonder other software says β€œto Hell with it” and just does full-text search.

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the dick pic I promised (birdsite links) 

Here's my . It's from 2012 or 2013, but my is as as ever!

Posting unlisted instead of followers-only because I suspect more non-followers would be interested in seeing my than my actual followers.

Using anyway, even though they don't work for toots.

(the 2016 & post- variant:

I'll upload the actual files here if you really want.

cops, Alzheimer’s 

for :

Comment: I’m surprised this was not used as a gag in : it seems just the kind of charade the Baltimore Police Department would do, right @carcetti2020 and @omar_pony?

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is half the fun! (I’ve got a streak, occasionally spiky)

I’m a that you plug into your . I’m not , so I require a USB-A port, rather than the more compact USB-C model.

I’m pretty much never in-character in this account: it’s more of a 98% pure kind of account.


I also put my instead of in the because this ain't

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