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CMS queueing advice requested for far future 

I've got a project of an automated -style webcomic. What I need is some way of automatically filling a buffer on some CMS with the output of some python code about once a week.

The posts in the queue really would be a pre-queue where I could reject the ones in extremely poor taste or notably boring. The pre-queue is because the real queue would have the titles and characters pre-announced.



CMS queueing advice requested for far future 

The posts would be queued and posted daily, but I want the filling script to:
1. Run weekly and on demand (if necessary)
2. E-mail me when the queue is ready for review
3. Update the "future episodes" list once I have finished approval/rejection
4. Not run the weekly when the queue is sufficiently large.

I'm thinking of generating 20 candidate comics per week with a max queue of 22 and adjusting after a couple months.

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