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Also the Fediverse: I'm not going to tell chr there's a problem with

@witchfynder_finder Viral admin PSAs from the wokescold admins going around again? I never see them anymore, thankfully.

@USBloveDog Yeah someone said they would be silencing cybre and then has provided literally 0 receipts for anything despite being directly asked what the reasoning was

@witchfynder_finder If you do that on your 4-person instance, that's the entire reason why we have different servers. If you do it and then pass it around to other admins on 6 and 8 person instances, I'm calling BS.


@witchfynder_finder I've never heard of that instance before. That is the longest CoC I've seen for a 30 user server.

However, I do remember that admin's user name, but I'm not sure from where.

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