@KitsuneAlicia @jbob @jplebreton

I cannot understand the notch hate: it took previously-wasted space and moved the clock and signal strength indicators there.

Apple’s real sin was making their phones so thin that they needed to remove the headphone port in order to fit an acceptable battery in there.

@USBloveDog @KitsuneAlicia @jbob my objection to the notch is more about design in the context of capital: the trend toward pushing increasingly unwieldy screen sizes to keep phone sales growing (which didn't work, ofc) hitting a very real practical limit, and responding by carving out the last few bits of perceived screen area even though it adds complications for developers and looks silly.


@jplebreton @KitsuneAlicia @jbob

So it’s the 3D curved TV of pocket computer design to you? Fair enough.

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