@anthracite Interview suit over or under fursuit, though? Gotta do it all formal-like.

Today I ran into a website for sharing jobs between techies who are also furries."These are regular jobs with nothing particularly furry about then, but the first person you talk to when interviewing is a furry."



Brother has been delivered. Now to go back to sleep until I'm home.

CW: serious, discourse, important

Poo Poo Pee Pee

๐Ÿ”โ€‹ 69 โญ 420

Objective โ€get drunk at auntโ€™s houseโ€ complete. Current objective: don't puke or piss my pants until we reach my brotherโ€™s apartment.

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There is a yellow lab wagging its tail wildly while circling the table.

I feel bad for the word avatar. It has gone from meaning โ€œliving incarnation of a godโ€ to โ€œteeny square of pixels representing some rando.โ€

Can we solve the problem of how to dispose of a computer that is still in working order with #blockchain?

Man the ppl who make these apps for Mastodon need to find a way to detect the maximum post length allowed by your instance cuz once you taste 2000 characters, 500 feels like one sentence lol.

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XMPP and mumble servers or something like Jitsi with XMPP and SIP have been doing /exactly/ what Discord have just without the popular, glitzy interface, for over a decade now.  They're not in danger of running out of business because the company behind them is living a lavish, extravagant lifestyle on your dime.  Use those instead.
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