lawful good: dΒ²Ο†/dtΒ²
neutral good: Ο†Μˆ
chaotic good: dφ̇/dt

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we have all the walmart spark pride emojis over here now.

thanks @ida and @Astat

:walmart_spark: :walmart_spark_bi: :walmart_spark_genderqueer: :walmart_spark_pan: :walmart_spark_enby: :walmart_spark_trans: :walmart_spark_marcy:

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Pleroma instance gets Nazis: "PLEROMA IS NAZI SOFTWARE"

Mastodon instance gets Nazis: "first of all, you can just block them, second of all, they don't represent all instances, also Eugen quit working for them too,"

PSA from ur friendly nonbinary grandam:

It’s okay if your gender fluctuates from time to time

It’s okay if you get comfortable with one gender and then later find it seems different than you thought

It’s okay if your gender cycles

It’s okay if you’re really not sure what the hell is going on with your gender

And it’s okay for any of these to feel weird or uncomfortable or for you not to like it

Gender is a strange part of our existence on this wet rock and it can be difficult and confusing at times and that’s totally normal and okay

You’re not any less of a person or any less deserving of respect if any of this has happened for you - or if it hasn’t

And there’s always gonna be some of us here to support you and remind you that you’re worthy of respect and good treatment no matter what :heart_nb:​ :heart_trans:​

recruiter spam sure shows me some weird practices and jobs i would never want

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I know there are practical reasons for it, mostly having to do with the RIAA/MPAA fishing for IP addresses to fuss about, but every time someone mentions a private tracker, my first thought is, "But if piracy is based on the idea that all media should be available to all people, how can we then create a node of piracy restricted to some elite?"

:walmart_spark: :walmart_spark_trans: :walmart_spark_bi: :walmart_spark_pan: :walmart_spark_enby:
no one asked, no one wanted them, they're here anyway

btw I have no moral objection to coding arbitrary domain blocks in a fediverse app. I just think it sets a bad precedent to have code determining moral purity.
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