you had better have functional documentation Show more

you had better have functional documentation Show more

Fucking Django team can't be bothered to write a tutorial that works properly. I'm doing that polls tutorial and it's sitting there pretending that my is misconfigured even though it's a copy & paste from their own website.

Do I understand the migration path from to correctly?
1. Install an old version of gitea
2. Migrate
3. Upgrade to current gitea

How do I do this under , where they don't provide old binaries for gitea and the documentation is pretty clear that the migration requires an old version to work?

tired: rioting for change
wired: keeping it real and rioting because you just want to fuck some shit up and any change that happens is a bonus

mastodon community: this is so friendly, im glad we're not obsessed over fame
gargron: hold my gluten free beer *implements popularity rankings*

My entire knowledge of the proper usage of commas comes from the US constitution, which is why I erratically send them wherever I damn well please (using an Ouija board to ask James Madison where they should go)

America: What Time Is Love is the most patriotic song of all, and it was made by a pair of Brits.

The Art of Chessboxing but it’s actually a hybrid sport of b-ball with D&D

͏  𝓳𝓳  𝓲  𝓳𝓳  
   𝓳  𝓲  𝓳   
 𝓲 𝓳𝓲𝓳𝓲𝓳𝓲𝓳 𝓲 
  𝓲  𝓳𝓳𝓳  𝓲  
 𝓳   𝓲 𝓲   𝓳 

every time i go on twitter i’m reminded of how fucking crazy that website is. fucking accounts with 3000 followers get two pity likes on anything they post. millions of people making tweets all day and none of them have any interaction

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