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new post cause new instance

im tyr (they/them)

i make music stuff a lot (my handle for music on a lot of places is name_impending)

im open to chat with anyone about whatever, i like meeting new people through here and hope to find cool people to follow

my main interests are music, programming, art, games in general, and a bunch of other stuff

i will also likely be posting updates on stuff i make here, so follow if you're interested in hearing about bad games, art, and music

my bandcamp:
my youtube:

sad to see this instance go, even though i havent been super active for a while, it had a bunch of cool people on it. anyone have a similar instance to migrate to?

the wii was so nostalgic, rt if you love the nintendo wii!!!

if i look at anything related to tech security/hacking literally every image and youtube thumbnail uses either the shitty movie hacker aesthetic or has the guy fawkes mask in it

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today i had a dream i was in a record store trying to buy geogaddi but every single copy of it was vandalized by people replacing the boards of canada text in the album art with different bands

huge text block of album names 

(albums in order, going left to right and then to next row) flying microtonal banana, their money is your money, live and let ghosts, glass beach's first album, stomach book, crystal castles, emergency and i, ants from up there, twin fantasy, thank you (black dresses), razzmatazz, people who can eat people are the luckiest people in the world, (free space), bottomless pit, view monster, since i left you, deathconsciousness, selected ambient works 85-92, moeni and kitchi, girl with basket of fruit, starry cat, hawaii part ii, geogaddi, say hello to the elevator people, by the time i get to pheonix

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hi here's some of my favourite albums. reply with the ones you match with if you want

light horror, eye contact 

Probably the closest I ever went to the "horror"/nightmarish genre. again

if ur new here:

-follow and unfollow liberally
-add shit (bio, pic, pronouns, stuff) to ur profile or people will not accept ur follow requests
-hashtags are neat, but please use #CamelCase so screen readers can read them
-use emojis and art via symbols minimally or behind a CW for screen readers
-use CW liberally for anything triggering or just bc its a long post
-caption ur images pls
-read your instances rules and report things that break them
-pls dont censor words with * bc filters

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btw when i woke up i had to look this up to make sure it wasn’t real cause i was completely convinced it was an actual thing

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you could run git doink and it would download something at like 10x the speed but it also could just completely fuck you up while it’s being downloaded but some people found after doing it they just didn’t have adhd anymore

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i had a dream that there was a commonly used coding practice called “doinking” but it had the side effect that it would either cause hallucinations or cure adhd when performed

it was basically like a quicker way of downloading stuff and most programming repository sites/software had the option to doink a file

Scratch is a place that fills me with such joy.

bro, on garde? (you think i'm slurring my words but i pull out my fencing sword)

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