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Sunset over clouds red variation. Red and black ballpoint pen on heavy paper.

blunt & bad vibes 

please y'all, i need somewhere to stay, preferrably in upstate new york. i'll do anything, please

We're excited to announce the ActivityPub conf 2020 keynotes!

Opening up the conference we have a panel featuring the editors/authors of the ActivityPub panel: Jessica Tallon (@tsyesika), Amy Guy (@rhiaro), Erin Shepherd, and Evan Prodromou, with me moderating! (Hear from everyone else this time!)

Wrapping things up is Darius Kazemi (@darius) presenting "Let's Play and Win Our Own Game"!

See the whole lineup:


People say free software community is divided into two. So, in which one do you belong?

a) I hate Mac, but I really really hate Windows.

b) I hate Windows, but I really really hate Mac

(Boost appreciated for better result) #freesw #gnu #linux #windows #mac #losedows

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Hi Fediverse, we are an #anarchafeminist #squat in Cronenbourg (#Strasbourg, France) held by a collective of racialized and white queer people. Nice to be here and join you all, dear witches/bitches/sisters/comrades :anqueer:

As we host exiled women/queer people and their children in our big house, and support them within our queer community, feel free to contact us or to get us in touch with close mutant people :feministfist:

Autonomy, solidarity and revolution ! :blob_black_block:


Je vais essayer de voir si ça marche sur le fediverse français

Je recherche une alternance sur Paris dans le développement web (front-end/webdesign tout particulièrement), si vous avez des contacts ou besoin d'infos vous pouvez aller dans me DMs

Reposts appréciés pliz

No white person is socialized completely free of racist imagery, stereotypes, or reinforced microaggressions. Confront it. Within yourself, your partners, your friends, your family.

It’s a constant process. But fucking listen and adjust. It’s a temporary mental inconvenience for us, it’s not something your BIPOC friends can ignore.

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The owner of just offered to pay a BIPOC some or all of their extra donations to moderate so their team isn't all-white, in case any of my BIPOC followers are interested. :)

Once again, for those who care...

Mint is okay.

He is fine.

He is still in contact with a group of us and is perfectly cool.

He's just done with being the singular black Muslim person everyone demands labor from and talks down to.

But he is in a good mental place.

I wish more of you tech fucks would be like

"hey, why don't we hire the loud BIPOC people on this webbed site to make sure we aren't going to be culturally insensitive"

I know we could use those jobs.

ANd that would make your tech bullshit safer for us.

But y'all don't actually care.


The crew managed to keep #LouiseMichel stable for almost 12h now. Our new friends told us they lost 3 friends on their journey already. Including the dead body in our one life raft, that makes 4 lives vanished because of Fortress Europe... And we are still waiting.


capitalism spare cash whattodo 

Feel international? Urge to change the world? Skip that stupid purchase and send a remit. Just saying.

SciFi Food Sex and the rest 

Not much these days, and here comes the official excuse:


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