I've mentioned before that because I'm a bad reader it makes me a bad #writer. The stuff I struggle with most in my novel right now are extremely tedious or boring sections ... exactly the kind I skip in books (when I used to read books. I stopped over a decade ago so I could develop my own #writing voice without influence). People walking down streets, contemplating, scenes without interactions or dialog, etc. I tend to skim them ... not read them. Writing them is awful too.

I recognize that not every page of a book has to have something happening on it. Again, this was something I mentioned before too. Growing up books were so magical to me ... a much needed escape from a toxic and abusive household of broken adults ... My memories of what stories were versus what they actually are is very different and fascinating. Sometimes nothing happens but you don't remember it that way. You remember the whole not always the parts. But I write in PARTS and some are BORING.

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The boring parts are leading ... building ... evolving ... into much more complicated scenes and developments, it just feels like it's taking forever for me to really work through them. I want to dive into all the good stuff that I know I WANT to READ in any book ... but it takes time, patience, and real focus to get there. That's the real discipline of #writing I guess ... knowing that that process takes time and that it's not all just instant gratification or self gratification.

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@elitherev Perhaps calling those scenes ‚fundamental‘, instead of ,boring‘, might ease your pain?

Don‘t experience this kind of issue in , love every part of it (except updating the fact sheet, which doesn’t really qualify). But my day job features a fair amount of ‚tedious mind numbing BS‘. Calling it ‚brain breaks‘ helps. (Oh yes, making do without the whole bloody day job would be even better, and wonderfully radical. But I hate worrying about bills).

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@Troim I'm a stoic so I refer to things as they are so I can accept them properly and find ways through them ... reframing isn't a technique that works for me sadly. They are boring and that process is painful ... I think making my way through it despite that is what evolves me as a person; accepting the reality of my situation head on. It's hard but in the end I'll have conquered the issue hopefully. Writing is a painful process for me and always has been. It's just the truth.

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