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Proud moment: 15 months ago, I committed to deliver one 20k episode of my 1kYears series per quarter (and one short story per month) for an apprenticeship phase of three years. My favorite mentor suggested this approach, to hone my flexibility and force me to take breaks from what I really love writing, 80k dime novels. Felt like quite a challenge. But look at me now, five episodes published!

I love when I say men are trash and people are like "BUT **YOU'RE** A MAN!!!" like yeah dumbass I also have a job but I think capitalism is shit too

@Troim Technically trying to hit it right now. :) Working on an interstellar-colonialism-meets-cyberpunk indie game as creative director. Hoping to actually manage to pull it off.

welp sieht so aus als ob ich einen neuen Job brauche.
Weiß jemand etwas in Karlsruhe bei einer halbwegs sinnvollen Firma? Ich kann halbwegs programmieren (python, C++, javam bisschen andere Sprachen). In meinem letzten Job habe ich außerdem viel technische Redaktion gemacht und externe Firmen betreut.

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Bonjour !

Mon demi-frère recherche dans le cadre de son BTS en informatique en alternance dans une entreprise en Alsace (Strasbourg et environs) dans le developpement :
- Web
- App/Logiciel
- Support informatique / réseaux


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Griezman. Foot. Blackface et racisme. Show more

Hi, 3D Animation cracks of the fediverse, need your help:

My WIP features a 3D projection of an Escher engine, a semitransparent dice with lots of tubes and escalators inside that allow three balls to circulate from surface to surface, where they nestle into one of the dice dots before moving on.

Q: Anyone aware on anyone doing such stuff?

If yes, I‘d rather mention a real artist, as historical reference (it’s imminent future sci-fi). Thanks for your help!

Kindness and queerness can't wait until after the revolution. There's no revolution without them.

Hey les chou.te.s, on me demande à l'oreillette une recommandation de boutique en ligne ou IRL pour des perruques de barbes/moustaches/etc qualitatives

c pour un poto qui a envie de se composer un costume de drag king

boosts appréciés :)

Tweet from Saadia Muzaffar @ThisTechGirl

"They call them "developing countries" because countries struggling to recover from being ruthlessly pillaged and systematically destabilized" does not have the same ring to it." - Bunmi Laditan


If anyone's got a minute, I'd really appreciate feedback 🙏

Is everything clear and working for everybody? Is the "colouring pages" page locked for patrons only? Is the accordion thing that lets you flip through the pages working, and clear? Do you like the pages on offer?

If any patrons want to try downloading a few pages and printing them that'd be awesome too - just so I can be sure everything's working a-ok.

Boosts hugely appreciated - feedback even more 💖 💖

Free Software is good but on its own isn't enough.
When you look at the definition of Free Software you will notice how it is very programmer centric in its sense of freedom.

Those who can't program and don't have the time to acquire the skill are directly excluded from most of the freedom we associate with Free Software.
The only freedom they have is to run a free program and redistribute it without restriction.

If your software could be useful to non-technical people, make sure they still have access to the participatory part of Software Freedom.

Write accessible documentation.

Provide ways for non-technical people to contribute to your project.

And most importantly: Listen to the feedback of non-technical users equally, if not more than that of technical people.

Parhelion's Patreon has gotten an overhaul!

Patrons get an exclusive post every Monday, and can see one page and one monthly wallpaper into the future!

When you donate at least $3 per month, you can get a free bust sketch of anyone you want every month!

And as if this wasn't enough value,
subscribe at any amount and get 50% off your next commission! cryptovexillologist.carbonmade

Check it out!

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