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Hero me, pat on back:

Kept up a over three years, at a rate of one episode every four months, as part of my writer apprenticeship.

Granted myself this phase to determine whether or not I have the guts to go pro.

I don't, day job pays too well for too easy. But I would be good at sticking to the kind of recurring tasks that pay the bills.

Wasn't hard, with this cute plot and cast. 1kYears was fun to write and will hopefully make you LOL too:

To-day Iain Banks would've been celebrating his 66th birthday. Sadly, he was lost to us in 2013.

I only met Iain once, and it was a very short encounter. Bizarrely, it was in the tinned fruit & veg aisle of a supermarket in Fort William. As both of us were just making some quick purchases before rushing off elsewhere, I didn't have time to tell him why he was actually one of my friends. Not long afterwards he announced he had terminal cancer.


#OTD #writing #ScienceFiction

New article! Some thoughts on characters from classic Warhammer #fantasy setting, why they work and how to use that in your #writing and #worldbuilding:

As ever, please do let us know what you think! :)

#warhammer #tabletop #creativetoots

Sunday evening. Monday looming. Need a break? Take a Troim. Proud to share my very first audio booklet.

Karen Uzo turns my humble musings into an escape pod. Here she comes, have a nice flight:

it's #MastoMonday so i'm tooting my own horn and sticking a bunch of hashtags on the side, as is apparently our way now!

at the *beginning* of this thread is the start of "Search & Rescue", an ongoing slow-burn Fediverse serial about a combat robot from the far future looking for the partner she thought had been destroyed. it's ~#Lesbiab~ ~#Lesbiam~ ~#LessBien~ #girls.

i've been doing a lot of #writing, heavily inspired by other #queer Fedi users. wrote the equivalent of a light novel in word count last year, much of it on my phone on the subway. almost all of it is up on my fiction website at and heavy on #lesbian and #trans themes because i can't get enough of that from, like, anywhere. serious dearth of representation in the dang media. so i'm making my own. please read, share, and enjoy!

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Y a t'il parmis vous des utilisateurs de #FairPhone ? Si oui, vous en pensez quoi, ça tourne bien ? C'est hackable, démontable, bidouillable facilement ? Merci :)

Kept it up over 3 years, at a rate of 1 per month. 36 apprenticeship short stories available for free at

Wonder how to proceed from here on, thanks for your help:

Why does it seem like white people are way more upset at conflicts over racism than POC are? The people who are subjected to racism in daily life obviously feel the deepest pain when the subject of racism comes up. But in my experience it's white people who want CWs for everything and compare these conflicts to physical violence... against THEM. A heated discussion of racism is violence against WHITE people? Whut?

I've been thinking of writing my own calendar of prompts for February similar to the #WIPWorldBuilders I've been doing here but for the Fediverse.

They'd probably be
#Worldbuilding / #Conlanging prompts.

What do
#Writing #AmWriting people think? Could I get anyone to play along?

When I finish reading a book these days and I liked it, if the author has an online presence, I try to find a way to send them a message saying, "Hey, I liked the book. Thanks."

So much online commentary is negative, I think it's a good idea just to tell someone that you liked their work.

‪Someone asked my why I call myself location lucky. That’s why:‬

4. Climate change, racism, refugee crisis 

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3. Climate change, racism, refugee crisis 

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2. Climate change, racism, refugee crisis 

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1. Climate change, racism, refugee crisis 

It looks like my new blog post didn't show up here?

#writing sorts might find this blog post of interest: where my money came from in 2019. :flan_writing::flan_royal:

My name is Auri, I'm 21, non-binary (they/them) and an applied maths masters student.
I'm currently learning Spanish and reading anarchist and general leftist theory. I'm new to anarchism and always looking for new material to read so feel free to recommend stuff to me!
I listen to a lot of music, mostly metal, rock and punk. I try to find new artists to listen to every couple of weeks, my music library is quite large.
I also like sci-fi and I want to read more this year and write some short world building stories.

This is my first #introductions post but I'm not new to the fedi. I am currently @NottNornal and plan on moving here at some point soon.

#SciFi idea: Veterinarian medicine advanced some time ago to such a degree that domestic pets can be kept alive indefinitely at minimal cost & so family inherits a mostly immobile 1200 year old African Grey ensconced in an intricate life support system they hang on their wall & though it stochastically blurts out screeds from cranky ancestors verbatim unprompted it's also able to answer questions about the murky past. Family uses ancient pet's capabilities in surprising ways. Hilarity ensues.

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