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The last dime novel (first 50 % ) of my apprenticeship series is finally out.

The happened back in 2019, took me 4 months to sort out a glitch around my pseudonym... With so many people forced to stay at home and , this be my second lucky glitch, on top of being . Have fun with Felinity Rules:

Quelqu’un·e saurait quel est l’équivalent de 2 patchs 75mg d’œstradiol par semaine en pressions de gel quotidiennes svp ?

Have I got anybody around who speaks any of the Algonquian dialects? I need an expert opinion on a thing. #amwriting #writing

bittersweet robodog sci-fi 

Welche erfahrenen Endokrinologis könnt ihr empfehlen, abgesehen von Dr. Schuler?

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postgender postmeat 

If you're looking for a goodreads replacement that isn't owned by amazon, and maybe instead run & founded by a Black woman, then Nadia Odunayo has a treat for you! Her new platform The StoryGraph is still in beta but it already seems fully featured, looks & feels great–it has a really clean clear look, filters, half-star rating options, the works! Check it out!

:boost_ok: The Portland Black Resilience Fund provides "immediate support for Black Portlanders, including a warm meal, groceries, and unpaid bills."

If you are a Black Portlander in need of assistance, there's a linked form to make a request.

They're asking for donations of $19 today from non-Black allies.

talking about transmasc erasure 

Query esp for badly off/marginalised writers:

We're a volunteer/hobbyist group and don't have resources to pay for articles, but we're looking into fundraising to give creators who need it a pot to draw from when writing for us. We're not yet sure if it's possible & what shape this might take.

So if you can only write (whether or not you'd ever write for us) if reimbursed, what sort of payment levels would make that possible for 1000-2000wd pieces? Private responses welcome.

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Allez je tente !

#jechercheunjob en tant que consultant ou chargé de projet RGPD, DPO ou tout ce qui touche aux données personnelles.

J'ai un master 2 en droit du numérique et un autre en audit SI. si vous me connaissez, j'adore vulgariser ce sujet et prêcher la bonne parole.

Expérience : 2 ans d'alternance, 1 en CDI.

Dispo à partir d'octobre.

Localisation : région parisienne ou plus loin si télétravail possible.

Merci les copains !

Not-so-casual reminder to those who feel like they can't be involved in the BLM protests because of accessibility/mobility/health/immunocompromisation/fear of COVID, that there are more ways to contribute than just getting your feet on the ground out there:

Sign petitions:
Justice for George Floyd:
Justice for George Floyd 2:
Justice for Belly Mujinga:
Make Black British History Compulsory in Schools:
Justice for Shukri Abdi:
Justice for Elijah McCain:
Justice for Matthew Tucker:
Justice for Dion Johnson:

Share these things to Social Media. Make sure people can't get away with ignoring what's happening.

(US) National Bail Fund:
(UK) UK BLM Fund:
(UK) National Campaign for Fair and Accountable Policiing:

You cannot be anti-racist silently.

Imma say it one last time for the folks in the back:

It isn't "blacks." Do not say "blacks." It's racist. It's antiblack as fuck and it is a giant red flag. We are a people. We are human beings.

Black *people*. Black *person*.

If I see it, you will be blocked on sight and I will suggest others do the same.

Stop salivating over burning capital. Stop salivating over other cities "rising up" because all y'all can do with it is get exciting about what benefits YOU get from it and conveniently misremember the many many many many many many black folks who had to suffer and die to get this far.

We aren't a thought experiment. We aren't your laborers. We been dying since they brought us over on these ships, it's BEEN like this.

Show some damn respect.

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Boost black voices right now

But don't demand black input.


Nous appelons à un rassemblement pour exprimer notre révolte le mardi 2 juin 19h00 devant le nouveau TGI de Paris.

S'indigner sur la situation aux États-unis c'est important, mais nous avons les mêmes crimes en France.

Voici l'evt FB à partager un


Hello there, I'm Andreaw from Indonesia. I'm working in a fintech p2p lending company in Indonesia. We are the only fintech company in Indonesia being owned by a coop. Our main focus is to enable communities of SMEs to get access to loans and support. I'm here to learn more from you guys and finding inspiration about what other people have done in other parts of the world. So that maybe I can apply it in my country. #introduction #fintech #indonesia

“It can’t happen here”

Genuinely believed by people privileged enough to not experience the worst of “here”

the hypocrisy of white fragility 

beer fiction 

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