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One more moment of pride, episode 7 of my 1kYears series is now available for download. My English doesn’t feel like improving, but I do manage a very steady flow of output.

“Virtual Wrongs” is about law and order, a bit of a taboo topic for libertarians, and all the more fun to muse about.

Guess who has been on vacation and didn't miss the day job for one sec?

Even managed to make do without , for three weeks!

It was a gorgeous vacation. And now it's over and I'm a foul mood.

Hope it doesn't show too much in the July :

You won‘t believe what happened on the job, the other day...

No, it didn‘t, because it‘s I‘m . Whatever events I’m talking about are confined to the future. Some of it might feel familiar, as in same old great or same old bad. A couple of aspects might deserve the label futuristic.

Don‘t get your hopes up, it‘s just my June

Also, if you want to write for us, please get in touch!

We have a sizeable articles section now with volunteer written articles on creative topics ranging from gaming monsters to unusual wildlife to explaining Ancient Greece through the Two Cows principle. We appreciate all submissions; whilst we're a completely volunteer project & so cannot pay commissions for writers, we do provide full editing and feedback if wanted. (Boosts welcome!)

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New article! This one is some thoughts from @JubalBarca on how personal-connection-marketing is becoming too prevalent, burning out some creators and sidelining others - and some thoughts about how and whether we can solve that problem:

As ever, thoughts very welcome :)

#creativetoots #gamedev #indiedev #writing #music #art

Text reads: For anyone who will have to deal with unsupportive family this Pride month

Congratulations. I'm your family now. Stay hydrated, eat your veggies, and support yourself. I'm proud of you.

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"There is this false notion that goth—or any subculture that leans towards whimsey or theatrics—is a ‘white people’ thing so disavowing that myth is important to me."

Goths of colour on representation, culture, aesthetics, and cosmetics:

All right, I want to boost other people doing art for #crowdfunding, but what tag are they using?

Esp. #Writing for #Crowdfunding.


#ChelseaManning ( is going back to court. You can help her by writing to the #DOJ & calling on them to drop the subpoena & stop harassing her. #WeGotThis

👉🏻 v/ #FreeChelsea ✊💖🌈


“After review, we can archive your life for all eternity, but in all honesty, it’s probably not worth it.”

#throwawayline #writing #prompt Feel free to use it.

Arriving in and the sun is shining. Great , here I come. Got a little done on the train, too. Perfect world.

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I remember the avatar of the person who told the Fediverse about (blue hair?) and earning $200 in a week with casual captioning.
Who was it? I have questions!

episode 8 of my 1kYears series, I‘m struggling with a question

doesn‘t resolve.

Marian‘s chosen pronoun is ‚they’. Episode 1 features them extensively, but I never had to use ‚themself‘ or ‚themselves‘. Now I keep switching back an forth in this paragraph:

„Easier decided than done. Marian urge themself to enjoy the opportunity. A nice challenge, perfect way to close the day.“

How would you decide? Why? Thanks!

Creation is several orders of magnitude harder than destruction, which is only slightly harder than consumption.

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Suche ein Betrieb, welcher einen Linux Admin im berreich des Hostings als Quereinsteiger einstellen würde.

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