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Phew, only just made the deadline this time round. Episode four or my series finally out now: Dream Team.

It‘s free and (hopefully) fun. It‘s also themed, to get fellow fans of a sport I love watching, despite all the disgusting commercialization, into the right mood for the upcoming World Cup Finals.

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"What did you smoke, chew or snort to think that was a good plan?!"
"My usual, why do you even ask anymore?!" my companion responded, fiddling every switch on the futuristic blaster they'd managed to grab, to no effect, as we hid behind some laser-proof crates. "Damn! You're gunna have to use your mouth to get us out of this - I'll owe you one, again!"
"Ugh, diplomacy or seduction?!"
"Do both!"
I was so tempted to NOT get us out of this mess.

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Posted a short 1000 word story for the Marriott Hotels Travel Brilliantly contest on #Wattpad.

Read it here:

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Hi fellow fiction writers, and other genres, would appreciate your opinion on and experiences with a topic that I‘m in process of debating in RL:

How much revision/rewriting is OK? (Before submission respectively indie publication, not talking editorial services)

A quantitative estimate ( 50:50 original/rewriting? more? less?) would be most welcome, but please feel free to go qualitative if it’s easier to describe your way that way.

Thanks for your input!

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@eleanor @rheall

I’m not aware of many writing instances, in fact.

My observation about writers is they’re rather spread all over the fediverse. And even on places like, people don’t always toot about writing (I’m guilty too).

My suggestion is search hashtags #writing, #amwriting, #editing, #nanowrimo, #fiction, #nonfiction, #narrative, etc and find/follow people that way. Don’t forget whatever genre tags your interested in.

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The light that shone on this land once cast a red light.
For generations, we lived, loved & laid to rest under its warmth.

To us, it wasn't 'red' light, it was just Light. We had unique names for the shades we perceived.

One day, our light became clear and fierce, burning skin & blinding our most foolish, corrupt Elders.

We strode forward, rebuilding and reinventing the world with our beautiful, newly darkened skin & our readjusted eyes.

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"Oh, Pat! Hi! I didn't know you shopped here."
"Hi... I normally don't..umm?"
"From Political Geography class...?"
"Uuh, um...?"
"I teach it."
"Oh. OH. HI PROFESSOR. Sorry my facial recognition software is really bad, it needs an upgrade, haha..."
"Activating updates: internal monologue subroutines & ability-to-lie executable."
"Pat... are you robot?"
"Prof. Kelly, are YOU a robot?"
"I don't think I am."
"Me neither."

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I wrote a thing!

(yes, it's an expansion/rewrite of a tootfic i posted a few months ago)

If you like it, you can buy me a coffee!
And if you really liked it, you can become a Patron!

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The is important, but a promise is a promise, and so I found time for a little . Bit of a compromise, less obviously than usual, and a short short, but oh well...

„You’re anyway supposed to have started at age six. To make it into the top, imperative to start early. Real early. Which you didn’t, Lano. To the best of my knowledge, and loads of knowledge there is, with all the jerseys I get to wash these days, over...“

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well shit. another of my editors (that's FOUR now) have had to step down.

i love them all, i really do, but now instead of gaining the FIVE we need from the applications we've received, we're actually only up ONE.

if any women-identified folks would like experience being an editor for a fucking awesome lit mag, fill out the application!

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Totally not into any nationalism, but aren’t the Eagles doing great?

Torn between and , I did what I do best whenever in doubt about whatever:

Today’s great DailySF reminded me that

a) there are far better writers than humble me out there, and for free.

Rediscovery of this non-news promptly lead to decision

b) no reason not to watch that match.


while I watch PRT-MAR.

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What would be incredibly helpful would be a system where we all chip in and help each other out. We all have advantages and disadvantages in life, and it would be really amazing if we could change the world for the better such that everyone has a chance to thrive.

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WE WANT TO PAY YOU FOR MICRO SCI-FI! This is an open call for diverse sci-fi writers that never expires.
- Indigenous
- Neurodiverse
- Disabled
- Chronically ill
- All marginalised voices
We're open from Day 10-24 every month.

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happy #pridemonth2018 here's my current #shadowrun decker Hothead in some hot new visors.

He's not mad abt it he just looks like that.

#creativetoots #mastoart #cyberpunk

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If any of you are interested, submissions for my zine are now open! Send in your art, reviews, photos, poetry, recipes, stories, shout outs, and more! Just review the guidelines first on the Zine's fb page:
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The tall cats are strange, loud and smelly. I try to improve the scent with my own. Their food smells amazing though but they hardly ever share it - I try to show them what sharing is, but my offerings are snubbed and buried away. I'd be insulted if they didn't designate food JUST for me. I'D share it if they wanted some.

At least they're warm on cold nights. And it's fun when they pretend their feet are some kind of prey under the sheets.

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The bakery used dreams instead of yeast. They cost a lot--the harvesting and processing equipment was expensive--but the euphoria that came from eating dream breads was worth the price.

It wasn't until other companies imitated their products that overharvesting became a concern.

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