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One more moment of pride, episode 7 of my 1kYears series is now available for download. My English doesn’t feel like improving, but I do manage a very steady flow of output.

“Virtual Wrongs” is about law and order, a bit of a taboo topic for libertarians, and all the more fun to muse about.

"There is this false notion that goth—or any subculture that leans towards whimsey or theatrics—is a ‘white people’ thing so disavowing that myth is important to me."

Goths of colour on representation, culture, aesthetics, and cosmetics:

All right, I want to boost other people doing art for #crowdfunding, but what tag are they using?

Esp. #Writing for #Crowdfunding.


#ChelseaManning ( is going back to court. You can help her by writing to the #DOJ & calling on them to drop the subpoena & stop harassing her. #WeGotThis

👉🏻 v/ #FreeChelsea ✊💖🌈


“After review, we can archive your life for all eternity, but in all honesty, it’s probably not worth it.”

#throwawayline #writing #prompt Feel free to use it.

Arriving in and the sun is shining. Great , here I come. Got a little done on the train, too. Perfect world.

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I remember the avatar of the person who told the Fediverse about (blue hair?) and earning $200 in a week with casual captioning.
Who was it? I have questions!

episode 8 of my 1kYears series, I‘m struggling with a question

doesn‘t resolve.

Marian‘s chosen pronoun is ‚they’. Episode 1 features them extensively, but I never had to use ‚themself‘ or ‚themselves‘. Now I keep switching back an forth in this paragraph:

„Easier decided than done. Marian urge themself to enjoy the opportunity. A nice challenge, perfect way to close the day.“

How would you decide? Why? Thanks!

Creation is several orders of magnitude harder than destruction, which is only slightly harder than consumption.

#creative #writing #novel #art #information #architecture #artists #critique #critics

Suche ein Betrieb, welcher einen Linux Admin im berreich des Hostings als Quereinsteiger einstellen würde.

Being that kind of weird person, I did of course do a bit of with my today. I also attended part of the . No sign of momentum building up. Shame, sucks. Went home to revert to my kind of , as in editing and publishing this month‘s short story.

Have fun with three old boys in a newish* future age:

* some issues are bound to stay with us. Big question is which ones. Your bet?

Our other new article is a new #worldbuilding piece from @JubalBarca, entitled "Ritual and re-use: writing places that feel alive" . It looks at how you can deepen your village and town settings from the standard "Here's a standard set of functions, and here's the buildings that do them" to create a more integrated & connected environment.

Read it here:

#writing #gamedev #settingdesign #creativetoots

#HelpWanted: I'm #writing about psychological denial w.r.t existential threats (as part of a piece on #ExtinctionRebellion). Using Jared Diamond's #DamFools, but wanted a more concrete #reference.

Anyone have a concrete example of "fear of dam burst" going up as we approach the dam then plummeting to zero for the closest people? Maybe a link to a survey, or even just a report about one specific place this was observed?

How about a law that says any device with a camera and/or mic is required to have a hardware switch to turn it on and off.


March Rundown
Interviews on #writing:
Helen Marshall, Kimi Cunningham Grant, Elisabeth Elo, Greg F. Gifune, Paul Tremblay, & Jeff Strand.

Focus section with:
Fiction: Cory
Nonfiction: Albert Woodfox


April‘s short story is tiny. With my day job still in mad mode, my brain had to come up with an excuse to go very short. The video contest now scheduled to happen on later this year does this trick: 3 min videos = 500 words, instead of the my words-to-go standard of 1-2k. Nice way to recycle the overtime cash, too.

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