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I will miss this stuff when I’m done, really love the cast. Episode 8/9 Double Trouble of my near future VR neuroscience kind of quarterly soap series is now available. Thanks to my nuisance of a well paid day job, it’s free:

It might be easier to start with episode one, here’s the full 8x20k lot:

As of today, I've been a full-time writer for five years.

Still not sure how I'm getting away with this, but gonna write a blog post anyway. #writing :flan_writing::flan_hurrah:

OK let's give this a whirl. Here's my quick take on the unique privacy issues the Fediverse have. And, honestly, how they're probably worse than the privacy issues Facebook and Twitter has.


New month, new short story. Don't get much done these days, bad day job, and it shows...

„Phase two, step one, engage.”

Olu wouldn’t mind Samaria’s voice to be a tad softer.

He’s all in favour of lady bosses, because diligence, resilience, morale, and whatever else got praised in last years stupid gender awareness training session.

In Olu’s school days, gender blindness was all the rage. Only as far as curriculumdom was concerned, obviously. Being past...

I get to daydream (or toot) watching screens telling me ‘Galaxy Release 2 Rollout 1 - Reboot in x secs.’ For a bucketful of euros.

What’s your favorite moment of the day job day?

Short story competition: Free to enter, £2000 first prize, closing date 9th December 2019, theme: The Censor.


Sweet tingle of anticipation. So looking forward to bring this Danylo character to life, in all his gay impostor glory.

is so much fun. And ecofriendly, too, carbon neutral and Friday’s for Future compatible.

„Beautiful Potholes“, my 2019 is kicking in like meth is supposed to.

If it wasn‘t for the day job drag, my life would qualify as paradise.

On second thoughts, taking into consideration location and passport luck, my life is paradise. Stupid grin.

I am new to Mastodon and I would love to make new friends, especially if you like poetry and books in general. #lovebooks #author #writing #poetry #poem

Thanks to @emacsomancer for forwarding to me this article about "demetrification" of social media (not showing like counts, follower counts, etc) and how dramatically user behavior is changed when we do expose these things.

On BoingBoing:

@Troim @Stoori @generica @readsteven , update on:

Last night, I got great feedback on my last apprenticeship phase novel. Thumbs up for the overall plot, the cast and my . Made the reader LOL = big rush of pride. Work to do on one subplot (add explanation), the action apogee (more telegenic mass scenes of upheaval welcome) and the end (rushed, as per my usual issue). Yippee, beers on me and back to it!

La notizia: il #M5S vorrebbe far votare la partecipazione al governo con il PD su quella porcata di #Rousseau (scusaci Jean-Jaques). La prossima settimana.

La reazione a #sinistra (#Prc):

Writing Tips: How To Use Story Stakes To Keep Readers Turning The Pages | The Creative Penn

I thought this was a good article on how to use tension and stakes to keep a reader intrigued. #writing


J’ai trouvé ça dans « Sciences et Vie » du 24 juillet. Je ne voulais pas y croire, mais c’est vrai.

Bed with lane keeping technology. Im Bett in der Spur bleiben, wie auf der Autobahn.

(1950s voice) The world of tomorrow will be wonderfully automated!

2019: Your WiFi toaster was infected with malware and is now a spambot.

Quick poll:

So far, glitchbots ~twice-daily introduction/example posts have been set to "Unlisted", so as not to spam local/fedi timeline. It's also marked as a bot, so people can filter on that.

I'm now thinking of changing it to Public, since people annoyed by the two botposts in public timelines can filter on bot. (Or mute glitchbot in particular.)

What do you think?

@Stoori @generica @readsteven

Thanks a lot for your thoughts and advice on my earlier musings around very much appreciated!

Now I’m curious: How do you proceed with your beta readers? Oral or written feedback? Are you using templates to help them structure feedback?

Here is mine:

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