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One more proud moment:

Cruise Crisis, episode six of my free series 1kYears, is available for download now.

You'll find links to the whole lot at

20k words per episode, a cute cast and a proudly stupid plot will hopefully make some of you laugh.

Would anyone be interested in helping beta-read my novel?

It's a queer-friendly sci-fi book, set on solarpunk future world. A young scientist invents cool stuff, makes friends, has adventures, and overcomes trauma to help his planet deal with a political crisis.

I'd love to go through it 3-4 chapters at a time every few weeks, and get early feedback from #SFF / #queer readers.

If you're interested DM me. Boosting this is welcome. Thx!

#sciencefiction #scifi #lgbtq



Folks who got into programming later in life and did not go to school for it. What was helpful for you in learning it?

We need articles! If you'd be willing to volunteer to write an article on any aspect of creativity, geekery, writing, or inspiration from science/history/etc, please do get in touch. We can only take writers on a volunteer basis, but we do provide editing & writing feedback & you're welcome to plug projects/patreons at the end of an article.

Please get in touch if you'd be interested or have ideas!

Any #boost s v appreciated too :)

#articles #creativetoots #writing #history #science #art

Hey does anyone know any trans people I gotta ask em some stuff for a study

2008: The internet will revolutionize TV! No more $100 cable bills, no more paying for channels we never watch; soon we'll only have to pay for what we want!

2018: Here are 20 subscription services, each with 5% of what you want. Please subscribe to all of them for $300 a month.

Hello à tous ! Si vous êtes #auteur, #écrivain, ou peut-être juste amateur d'#écriture, vous avez peut-être entendu parler du #NaNoWriMo.

Le NaNoWriMo, pour National Novel Writing Month est un défi consistant à écrire, chaque jour pendant le mois de novembre, un certain nombre minimum de caractères pour arriver à la fin avec une nouvelle finie.
Site officiel :

On est déjà plusieurs sur Mastodon à avoir envie de participer. Alors ce que je voudrais vous proposer, ce serait de lancer un petit hashtag spécifique, le #MastoWriMo, dédié au suivi de votre NaNoWrimo. Cela se passerait en 2 étapes, d'abord un premier message pour présenter votre façon de faire le NaNoWriMo, puis ensuite des updates tous les jours pour que l'on puisse suivre ensemble les évolutions de chacun.

Qu'en pensez-vous ?

Coucou @Lilihir @Eutrapelie

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Reminder for writers: write what you want to write. Don't worry about original concepts. Its original WRITING that matters.

If 2 people are given the same prompt, they will write 2 completely different stories.

If 2 people are given the same PLOT, they will write 2 completely different stories.

If YOU NOW are given a prompt and YOU LATER are given the same one, you will write 2 completely different stories.

#writing #NaNoWriMo

Looking forward to it, but hey, why all the meta activity now? I thought the whole idea was to see how much you can achieve in one month? Is it mandatory to write about the , as opposed to just getting it done?

Speak German? Listen to this and enjoy:

Netter Lala gegen rechts

Dear #writing friends on Mastodon, I don't participate in #NaNoWriMo this year. So if you need someone to look at a text, if you're stuck, need a second opinion on something or just want to vent and get some encouragement, I'm happy to help!

I'm fluent in English and German, have a bit of copyediting experience and a good eye for characters and world building.

#NaNoSupport #NaNoPrep

Since Mastodon has at least 5 instances dedicated to #writing, am sharing the info: #Iceland Writers Retreat, annual event for #writers, grants a #scholarship award (possibly with full funding), applications accepted till October 31:

Good luck!

#fiction #authors #literature #books

I dont get why we cant give servers a living wage and then tips on top of that. I mean tips at this point are a cultural phenomena. Why dont we just do both.

Being tired is not a badge of honor. It just means you're tired.

Hey, I got a fun crazy idea for connecting another service with Mastodon for your account that I'd like help to build a proof of concept of.

If anyone is up for tinkering with something like that, feel free to reach out!

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