Hello! I'm Magpie, 29-year-old Brit, and I started making stickers in October after losing my job to The Global Situation Right Now. I'm hoping it can be at least a self-sustaining project, but it doesn't hurt to dream big so please follow for my meteoric rise to fame and subsequent replacement of Sanrio as Earth's biggest producer of little cute things :p

#MastoArt #ACNH #Pokemon #Korok #yahaha #stickers

Unfriendly reminder that western countries have been built on land theft, colonisation, genocide and slavery, which created generational wealth gaps that are only getting worse and that the only looters are billionaires and politicians, have a good day.


but forreal if you;re black and nb (especially if you;re already following me) follow the group :blobS2NB: :black_sparkling_heart: @blackEnbys

migrazioni e respingimenti, rotta balcanica 

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Rainbow, as caught yesterday. Like the landscape even better when it sports my colors.

Djamila Ribeiro: «La mancanza di responsabilità per i processi di colonizzazione fa sì che l’Europa si presenti quale luogo civilizzato, continente sviluppato e intoccabile, ma a che prezzo è stato costruito tutto ciò?».


#colonialismo #razzismo

Anyone here hosts a #bookwyrm instance ? I don't know if I want to host one myself (I already host too many things), but I'd be willing to pay a couple euros monthly for the hosting.

Quelqu'un ici héberge une instance #bookwyrm ? J'ai pas trop envie d'en héberger une (j'ai déjà trop de trucs), mais je pourrais payer une paire d'euros pour aider aux frais d'hébergement.


plea for remittances 

There‘s this commercial platform that‘s ablaze with action, especially now that a 24 hour curfew has been declared in . Doesn’t seem to be a topic here, last toot on the subject is a day old. How come?

According to African Development Bank (AFDB), An estimated 258 million people in #Ethiopia, #Malawi, #Nigeria and #Uganda live in households that have lost income due to #COVID19.

special kind of mood over 

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special kind of mood 

fiction, need I say more + solidarity 

wishful thinking 

asynchronous grievances 

Me: It's really hard for black people to get jobs in the tech industry as easily as white people

White people: Well, Im white, and I work with a lot of non-black people of color, and had one black co-worker before. So there.

Me: 🙃

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@yuki Thanks for informing about your new account!

search for gender neutral term 

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