With the impending Musk-opalypse over on birdsite, I'm accelerating my extrication from that mess. Main thing I use for that place for is the #Screenwriting community. So I'm sending a message out into the 'verse: Any #Screenwriter (s) out there looking to connect? #Screenplay #Writing #Writer #PreWGA #filmmaking


This is wonderful and I hope all the #Screenwriting people will connect (unfortunately docfilm here).

I am myself writing a Fediverse software (so that you can do a movie together :) - may I ask you for a favour?
In the past days I was working on the vocabulary to define Roles and Relations in Movie making.
See redaktor.github.io/vocab/w3id. (-> 0112, search not working yet) –
unfortunately I am a german speaker and all sources are english.

Is "Screenplay" the same than "Screenwriter"?
What is the difference to "Script" and "Scenario Writer".


@sl007 @EMStoveken

Do you post updates? I would really like to see such a piece of software. 😁

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@Trent @EMStoveken

Yes. The whole update process is based on the concept called "chaos".
Based on the assumption that the frequent meetings with other devs will finally give us a rather _generic_ ActivityPub server with nice query capabilities.
So, the code is all for the client:
All the widgets/modules go to github.com/redaktor/widgets-pr and currently working on an github.com/redaktor/mediaproxy to get and cache every link, like media incl. all metadata and also webpages as ActivityPub markup.
Then will finish the widgets and begin to post/toot updates but at @redaktor …

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