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HmmmmMMMmmm.... πŸ˜€

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I'm going to put this here in case anyone else runs into this, and so I won't forget. If you're using the 'kitty' terminal and running tmux fails with it complaining about an 'unsuitable terminal' you can fix it (under Ubuntu at least, and this may help for other distros) by creating a directory named $HOME/.terminfo/x then cd into it and then do 'ln -s /home/YOURNAME/.local/ xterm-kitty' to symlink it. Then restart kitty and tmux should work fine.

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@ashwinvis I just did, if you're still looking. In Advanced Controls, click Configure in the upper left, then pick Slots and you can add/remove.

Also, since a few people I know have been suggesting favorite I will too... I love Foxes_in_Love over on birdsite a whole lot. :cyber_heart_sparkle:

Aww, Clive Sinclair died... I honestly thought he had long ago. When I was a little kid I had a ZX-81. My first computer.

Mimes,, the only people that can be completely silent with a french accent.

Hmm, so yes...still alive. Just busy and kind of out of sorts. I think I need to find myself a project to get into. Teaching myself Spanish is helping (and going better than I expected. Also more fun) but I should find something to burn braincells on.

I am told by a friend that works there that Karat is looking for people for both 'core roles' and Interview Engineers (the company does pre-hiring interviews for other companies). I'm not sure about the core stuff, but the interview stuff is part-time and entirely remote, mostly via Zoom. I'm told they're especially hard up for for Interview Engineers, so if you can Zoom and want/need some spare monies...

I think the sexiest thing that the US healthcare system has done is that they've created such a complex web of contractors and subcontractors involved in denying you healthcare that no individual group is ever fully at fault for killing you, meaning that the guilt is evenly distributed over a sprawling network of bureaucrats who can all consider themselves effectively blameless.

boost if you're pro-nipple and/or anti-joe rogan

hiring :BoostOK: 

I'm transferring @ work, so we're hiring my replacement.

If you're technical, able to articulate technicalities to laypeople well, and are willing to learn strange and arcane Windows software, my workplace is hiring for our Tier II Helpdesk.

This helpdesk is pretty chill. I get maybe 2 calls a week -- most communication is through email or portal, or Zoom meetings.

My team is friendly and funny, and our division is very LGBT-positive (corporate is ambivalent but not hostile)

Holy shit. OpenInsulin successfully formulated a non-proprietary version of insulin and they are ready to scale production! πŸ‘€

I love some of these alternative multiple choice answers on Duolingo.

"Hello, my name is Juan, and this is Pedro..." ... " favorite tomato."

So for giggles I reinstalled If anyone I know actually uses it, let me know. πŸ˜€

*wanders around New England tying down all the bat friends so they don't blow away*

What type of cookies would you like to accept?

Holly is right. Never trust your boss.

You might like them as a person. They might even do right by you in certain situations, but they are always your boss, and their interests are not yours.

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