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I suppose I should make one of these.

So, I am an old ass programmer, general nerd and geek, furry, weirdo, etc. I grew up in Alaska, wandered around trying not to fall off mountains or get bitten by a moose (Mynd you, mΓΈΓΈse bites Kan be pretty nasti...). Survived. Did shockwave multimedia stuff for further education for doctors for a while. I like to chat, fiddle with game dev, write python for fun... I am currently slowly teaching myself Spanish. More when I think of things.

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HmmmmMMMmmm.... πŸ˜€

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I'm going to put this here in case anyone else runs into this, and so I won't forget. If you're using the 'kitty' terminal and running tmux fails with it complaining about an 'unsuitable terminal' you can fix it (under Ubuntu at least, and this may help for other distros) by creating a directory named $HOME/.terminfo/x then cd into it and then do 'ln -s /home/YOURNAME/.local/ xterm-kitty' to symlink it. Then restart kitty and tmux should work fine.

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@ashwinvis I just did, if you're still looking. In Advanced Controls, click Configure in the upper left, then pick Slots and you can add/remove.

Been having fun with the picoCTF gym for a day or so now. Pretty fun stuff. Nothing too hard yet.

Fun with forensics.

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I guess this is my day for guessing right.

Request for help, to CDL A drivers, Denver/Colorado Springs Colorado area, ELDT, boosts requested 

I had my CDL A a few years back. Like, 2015 was when I finally quit after about three years on the road. I am trying to get back into it because a friend needs a local CDL A driver and I want to do it.

Due to the new rules by the FMCSA (ELDT), the local schools are fucking swamped and not accepting refresher course drivers who only need a couple days.

Since the schools are swamped and I need to get my license back sooner than later, I only have a couple options. One: I take the test dry after as much mental preparation as I can. Two: I ask for help from a local driver who can work with me in renting a Ryder rig and sit with me while I go through and brush up on my skills before the test.

I need about a day and a half with the rig. Half a day on the road, and a day doing skills. I did plenty of docking when I first drove, so I'm not super worried about that side of backing and parking. My biggest worry is parallel parking, hence needing to work on that.

Are there any drivers near Denver or Colorado Springs or even Pueblo who would be willing to help me out with this? I understand it's a pretty serious ask but this isn't my first rodeo, I just need some practice first.

(Please boost if you can. If you are a driver and are willing to help me out here, a DM would be hugely appreciated in a reply on this thread.)

Open call for obsolete sounds! This project is really fascinating. They're requesting recordings of sounds from our environment, old tech, etc. that are no longer commonplace and then those will be reimagined by sound artists "to draw attention to the world’s disappearing soundscapes."

Anyone know if there's a way to mute someone in my timeline but still show them in lists? Just muting them seems to block both.

I'd really like to use lists more to organize followed people and bots...

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You know, I really should kick myself for not screwing around with lists on mastodon sooner...

Today's weather brought to you by that guy leaving his job at the Forth Bridge.

Looking for suggestions still: Are there any print on demand places that aren't evil or like are good (for the ppl that work there, for ppl of the world) actually? I'm interested in any kind of PoD place, whatever it is they can supply.

It's just that I'm not white and I simply can't pretend like supporting horrible companies is fine when it isn't. (Part of why I left Twitter)

Also taknig suggestions for tags that might help people find this post :)



Love, Death & Robots spoiler of sorts, I guess... 

Seriously? Love, Death, and Robots NFTs? Reeeally? If anyone is curious what the QR codes in some episodes are, they contain a URL to NFTs and an offer to download it, or mint it.

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Haha, I don't believe I got that...

Because at least two friends today didn't know, I'll mention it here... You can play or spectate nethack games by telnetting to

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