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HmmmmMMMmmm.... πŸ˜€

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I'm going to put this here in case anyone else runs into this, and so I won't forget. If you're using the 'kitty' terminal and running tmux fails with it complaining about an 'unsuitable terminal' you can fix it (under Ubuntu at least, and this may help for other distros) by creating a directory named $HOME/.terminfo/x then cd into it and then do 'ln -s /home/YOURNAME/.local/ xterm-kitty' to symlink it. Then restart kitty and tmux should work fine.

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@ashwinvis I just did, if you're still looking. In Advanced Controls, click Configure in the upper left, then pick Slots and you can add/remove.

And if anyone is curious, it's because I gave up soda a few months ago. I drink seltzer sometimes, but I'm looking to find more drinks that aren't horrendously bad for me. >.>

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I need the collective smarts of the fediverse... Boosts welcome.

So, ginger ale...

Help, I've been playing all day and can't stop. Yesterday too. Me in my little mountain cliff lair.

I think I'm going to try writing my own booze-making mod. The wine mod is nice, but very simplistic and makes it way too quick and easy. I want barrels of assorted woods and aging times dammit. 😁

Best fast food fries?

Hmm, so Space Jam 2 wasn't as bad as expected (it still wasn't great in many places). Godzilla vs. King Kong on the other hand was every bit as terrible as expected and even worse.

Catching up on The Handmaid's Tale... I'd forgotten what a horror Aunt Lydia is...

Hot and rainy day. :blobugh: On the bright side it's a great time to be sprawled in bed, with the fan on, listening to it rain, and reading on my kindle. :heart_cyber:

Ooo, here's an idea... Let github's copilot handle doing merges. What could possibly go wrong?? :fire_laughing:

"I hear you seek monster-slayers?"
"Yes. There's this centuries-old hoarder of gold, an amoral scourge of the people, with vast power, who even the king dares not challenge directly."
"A dragon?"
"A corporation."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Anti-sex beds are less funny than I had hoped, but now I'm tempted to make a bed on where all the poseballs make you discuss Proust or something.

Loki spoiler 

So I watched the final episode. He Who Remains is annoying enough that I wanted to kill him myself... I did like the very end though. 😁

For #Emacs users, how do you get around the Control key issues? Do you just use the caps lock key, or map Control to Return, or Control to Spacebar?

Bah, someone told summer I was enjoying myself in it's absence and it's decided to come back. And it brought thunderstorms too. So it's hot and very humid. :blobugh:

Update: I was wrong about Obsidian and syncing devices. You can pay for it, but it's also apparently possible using any of the usual folder sharing stuff for android. Now I just need to get Obsidian working on my phone and kindle fire. It doesn't seem to properly request access to the SD card, so I can't use it for now. Hopefully that gets fixed. It actually looks pretty nice.

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