a commission for a guildmate in FF14. they wanted a pretty rose dragon to look at. i was really nervous to do scales and dirt, but this came out much better than i thought it did.

Since i know the good friend this is for isnt on masto im posting this here because IT CAME OUT SO WELL, im so happy i hope she likes it!!!!

kuma is my perfect round soft goblin child, and i miss her so much.
shes ok and healthy and safe, but my bro in law is watching over her for us since she cant live w/ us rn :blobmeltsoblove:

A good boy with a heart of gold, and just wants to share what he creates with everyone.

remember when i said i wanted to make cute and cozy rydia pictures? Me neither, but i did it anyways

i got to see kuma and toby last night. Toby is my mom in laws cat and shes a very good fluffy void.

im really happy, even though i havent made as many drawings as id have liked, i really have enjoyed slowly building onto my silly little fan faction :>

when you want to yeehaw with your cowpokes but youre feeling the big sad

kuma: *puts her paw on my arm*
me: what
kuma: *pushes into my arm*
me: ok *puts arm down in lap* kuma: *lays head in arm and insta sleeby with tiny biscuits*

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