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im open for cutesy commissions for the fall and winter! 10$+ for inks and 15$+ for colors and such. feel free to dm :>

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I just found out that K.K. Slider's b-day is a week before mine and were the same astrology sign and it makes me so happy for some reason that a guitar dog with big eyebrows from a fantasy land has the almost same b-day as me :owosneakythink:

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I hope you all are HYDRATED and HAD NICE NAPS TODAY 🐑

hey! mastodon is being a butt, and i can get my followers to send over to my new account, but i am now found here:


Thanks to the people who were kind enough to help me out for xmas dinner, if anyone else have the opportunity to help out that would be great. I am celebrating xmas alone and would love to not worry about food over the holidays.

My paypal is

I'll be going tomorrow to buy in food!

I am currently taking pics for my portfolio site and going through old art is making my face hurt

New Gab instance, cw all the things, boost OK 

Eine Instanz von Machos und Transphoben 

Une instance de machos et transphobes 

for now, i must go and paint a nice vaporwave landscape while listening to the soothing sounds of every alexander song from FFXIV

Volunteered for a local animal shelter and drew these characters. Usually my shift was in the noon so almost everyone was zzzzzz :D

#digital #sketch #kitten #puppy

in other ways, i hate that i have to think this way at any capacity
i just want to make nice art for people

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the big problem i have with selling my art is: i always tend to undervalue my works.
i feel silly but i just want my art to be accessible for a lot of people, but it doesnt help me out much in the end i guess.

Good morning.

It is my birthday. Give me boosts.


money (-), help needed 

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