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im open for cutesy commissions for the fall and winter! 10$+ for inks and 15$+ for colors and such. feel free to dm :>

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I just found out that K.K. Slider's b-day is a week before mine and were the same astrology sign and it makes me so happy for some reason that a guitar dog with big eyebrows from a fantasy land has the almost same b-day as me :owosneakythink:

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I hope you all are HYDRATED and HAD NICE NAPS TODAY 🐑

hey! mastodon is being a butt, and i can get my followers to send over to my new account, but i am now found here:


Thanks to the people who were kind enough to help me out for xmas dinner, if anyone else have the opportunity to help out that would be great. I am celebrating xmas alone and would love to not worry about food over the holidays.

My paypal is

I'll be going tomorrow to buy in food!

I am currently taking pics for my portfolio site and going through old art is making my face hurt

New Gab instance, cw all the things, boost OK is a new gab instance.

They use a fork from spinster, who is a fork of gab.

Here is a recap:
* Gab is a forum for racist people, with actual murder as user of the forum.

* Spinster is a fork of gab, centered around TERF ideology (some mysoginist that pretend to be feminist, lots of cis women in there ).

* is a using a fork of that (the software calls itself soapbox).
Their audience is a bit more uk based and a bit more centered around InCel (machist, mysoginy, etc).

Do block, report and ask your admin if you are unsure if they are blocked yet.

#FediBlock #MastoAdmin #BoostOK

Eine Instanz von Machos und Transphoben 

Hallo fediverse, eine neue toxische Instanz wurde im fediverse eröffnet:

Sie versammelt Machos, Transphobe und jede Menge Hass

Betrieben durch den Gründer von IT Crowd und Father Ted, stellt diese britische Instanz den Versuch dar, im fediverse Fuß zu fassen.

Basierend auf der Software von Gab und Spinster und betrieben von der Manosphere-Szene der extremen Rechten und christlicher Fundamentalisten, soll trans- und frauenfeindlicher Hetze eine offene Plattform bieten.

Deshalb fordere ich euch alle auf, diese toxische und hetzerische Instanz zu blockieren und für ihre Suspendierung einzutreten.

Boost OK

#MastoAdmin #FediBlock

Une instance de machos et transphobes 

Salut le fediverse, une nouvelle instance des plus toxique a ouvert ces portes sur le fediverse:

Elle regroupe des machos, des transphobes et beacoup de haine.

Mise en place par le createur de IT Crowd et autre Father Ted, cette instance reflette la tendance au movement d extreme droite de venir sur le fediverse, cette fois ci en provenance de la grande bregane.

Basé sur le logociel de Gab et Spinster, et pourvu de gens de la manosphere, de l extreme droite et des ultra catholiques, est la pour fournir un espace ou les insulte transphobes et mysogines ne sont pas moderées.

Je vous invite donc a suspendre et a bloquer cette instance tocique et infame.

Boost OK

#FediBlock #MastoAdmin

for now, i must go and paint a nice vaporwave landscape while listening to the soothing sounds of every alexander song from FFXIV

Volunteered for a local animal shelter and drew these characters. Usually my shift was in the noon so almost everyone was zzzzzz :D

#digital #sketch #kitten #puppy

in other ways, i hate that i have to think this way at any capacity
i just want to make nice art for people

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the big problem i have with selling my art is: i always tend to undervalue my works.
i feel silly but i just want my art to be accessible for a lot of people, but it doesnt help me out much in the end i guess.

Good morning.

It is my birthday. Give me boosts.


money (-), help needed 

Hey, I'm disabled and I've been denied government support. I try to do my best to make money but it isnt always enough. My family has been screwed by the government more recently so it's even worse now and I'm having to pay even more money I don't have for stuff.

I'm going to be short on money to pay for bills and food and stuff for the next week or so.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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