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I just found out that K.K. Slider's b-day is a week before mine and were the same astrology sign and it makes me so happy for some reason that a guitar dog with big eyebrows from a fantasy land has the almost same b-day as me :owosneakythink:

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I hope you all are HYDRATED and HAD NICE NAPS TODAY 🐑

I'm gonna take a hiatus
I don't know when I'll be back
Depends on what I'm gonna do
Social media of any kind is eroding away at me

At least reading the timelines here I dont get more depressed and angry
I just feel like I need to find some more masculine beings to follow here
I love all the ladies I follow, cis or not, but I just feel so out of place sometimes.

I forgot about saying this yesterday, but #AromanticSpectrum AwarenessWeek is this week (17-23)!

Be proud if you are arospec, and if not, please show some support for arospec people! :heart_aro:

I dont care about money
I dont care about people knowing my art the world over
I make art because people like my lines on paper or strokes on a canvas and they want to just look at it
It doesnt make me better than others
It doesnt make my art more important
it is the one thing I create with my entire being and nothing else will ever make me feel like making art, and seeing people enjoy it and point out details and offer critisism does

ikea... you.... kea.... we all........ kea????? for, uh,.... hm. :party_parrot:

A collection of people, united only by their affection for floral patterns & fragrances (If they were ever to meet, none of them would get along with any of the others)

#art #mastoart #creativetoots

i did it
i told my mom and my fam im going to get top surgery and get me on some necessary things to see how i handle things
:queer100: :queer100: :queer100:

Fun Fact: I will never get tired of reading about the entire Lewis and Clark expedition just dunking on my shitlord great great great uncle Toussaint Charbonneau any chance they got.

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