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@minervissa you wouldn't be mad if I named my Kubrow "Ithaca" would you?
(...I hope not because I already clicked the "yes" button...)

Kubrow needs like another hour but I don't wanna stay up quite that late with work in the morning, and also I think my connection was being laggy or something and I kept missing the timing on the lockpicking. And the Grineer ones are the ones I actually like opening, too.

But, whenever I do come back to the game it will be space doggo time! 😁

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What even is this day?

Otoh, i think my first Kubrow finishes hatching sometime tonight. Don't remember what time of evening it was when I got the incubator thingy, so idk if I'll want to be awake late enough to play with it tonight.

food mention 

By the time it figured out whether it had any updates to download, the pudding was gone. So instead I will be trying with...
...some sort of... bean... salad?
I don't remember what I ordered, it's leftovers from a few days ago and I wanted to try a couple of sides I hadn't had before but now I don't even remember what this is actually called.

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food mention 

Current experiment about to begin:
Can I play Warframe,
and eat banana pudding,
at the same time?

"This process is suitable for Windows, Linux, Mac."
"Run Blah.exe to start the configuration process."

how many trans people does it take to change a lightbulb 

one but they have to convince two people with a phd that they’re really sure they don’t wanna live in the dark first

Probably worded too long. Word usage question, probably primarily about Commonwealth English? (I think that's what it's called?) 

maybe be "university kid"? That feels especially discordant to my "ears," but that might just be the more formal feel of "university" with the very very informal feel of "kid".
So it sounds like either way, I need to work on unlearning that extra formality of "university" but in the meantime while I work on that, what phrase fits here? So I can start practicing it before waiting til I've felt the feel of the words enough to put them together myself.

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Probably worded too long. Word usage question, probably primarily about Commonwealth English? (I think that's what it's called?) 

Words question!
If I (for context, a USA person) want to say something where I would usually say it like:
"lol that sounds *exactly* like something a buncha (nerdy) college kids would do"
but I want it to sound a little less weird to a (slightly) more international potential-audence where I am vaguely aware that "college" doesn't usually quite mean the same thing as here (eg Canada and UK and probably others), and thus "college kid" might be interpreted as people in a different sort of life-stage-ish-thing that I don't know enough about to know whether or not it applies to the thing I am trying to express.
I would guess that "university student" would probably count approximately the right people for the thing I'm trying to express, but it feels too formal? Partly because we usually only use "university" in more formal contexts, but also "student" feels weird here.
Would it (...)

"It might be tempting to say that Lisp was the Java of the 50's, if it weren't so erroneous and offensive."
this thing is *full* of little snippet-tidbits (snip-bits?) like this!

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idk if the friend who linked this to me wants "credit" for me potentially jabbering about it now at (probably way too much) length or prefers to not be noticed but i thought i was just gonna skim this but it turned into reading and now i am absolutely *loving* this history lesson!
(i woulda just continued my jabbering there, but it was getting increasingly unrelated to the discussion and i figured shouting to "nobody in particular" was probably a better location for this than "in the middle of talking about other things" (but i'm still new at this and might be wrong!))

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