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-Homemade Szechuan oil
-Fishy sauce with tons of garlic
I am a stinky, sweaty lord you cannot touch me bwa hahahhaha

Kels has been gone for ~8 hours and yes that is the exact amount of time it takes for me to start cooking extremely spicy foods using ingredients she hates.

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K: "Don't get a sliver in your crotch."
Me: "Pfft. You don't know me. I'll get dick splinters if I want."
K: "..."
Me: "Dick Splinters is actually a great hard boiled detective name."

OpenGL tutorials be like "You've now rendered a single cubes and making 20 of these is basically a video game hurray you did the thing."

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Sexism, TERFs Show more

Sexism, TERFs Show more

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Hoo gosh being alive and existing in 2018 is one way to go about things.

this is incredible: a livejournal site which ran until the middle of last year dedicated to helping people find books they read years ago that they only half remember


Oh wow they finally fell for it and gave me a degree in whatever computers are.
Now NO ONE can legally stop me from putting lightning in the blinky box.

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I think that's enough school for one human lifetime.

I've been searching graphs for so long.
Everything is a graph search.
We're all just searching our graphs for some very basic shit.

This is just to say
I have ignored
the academic papers
I read about
cooperative pathfinding

and which
you were probably
I'd use

Forgive me
they were bad
so confusing
and so problem-specific

Well the last project of my undergraduate career is very much still underway but now I've made coffee and I͜'̞̝m̘̠ ̱̥̣̙͙̱̪w̫̤̻̲̙̬͓͜i̧̦͖͖r͎ed̢̥̗͕̫ s͙̹͔̬o̩͎̳̹̼̝̫ ̵͈̫͖̥͍͎ͅi̗t͓̘͎̕'ͅs̸̘̰̥̪ ̼̭̬̙̦o͍̫̼̞̦k̨͔a͎̥͍̣͍y̴̖

Taking a social media vacation so I can spend some quality time in finals hell.

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Did you know: too much school is possible.
It is possible to school enough, and after that, your best bet is to not school additionally.
I've checked.