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A competitive card game of 30 cards, but the cards are all sealed cartridges of Instax mini film.
They already have stats printed on the bottom, but you get to name them after you take each photo. Bonus points for games playable with 10, then 20, then the whole deck.
This is An Actual Good Idea.

Life is Strange is an important, powerful game for me.
But uhhhhh...this is ummmmmm my favorite part of it.
By a lot.

For I ran into a situation where I don't just want to keep the tail and head of a linked list, but also the second-from-first and second-to last items, which I named "neck" and "waist."
It is unclear whether I should feel bad about this.

By "last marble is worth" they meant "the last marble's number is."
So not "the last marble to be added that increases a score increases it by..."
Well that was frustrating.

If you're having problems I feel bad for you son,
I've got 38502676 marbles and an exception thrown: write access violation newMarble was nullptr.

"Computers are bad, and in knowing this they cannot hurt me," I declare before being injured by a computer.

In 2007 Gmail loaded instantly.
In 2018 Gmail has a loading bar.

"big mood" reversed is "doom gib" and I'm fer sure the first person to notice that.

Yeah sex is cool but have you ever switched to a shampoo/conditioner combo that really works for you?

Holy fuck the care this girl received and how badly literally everyone on the planet deserves that sort of consideration.
Anyway, *slaps the loading arm of a trebuchet* this bad boy can fit so many TERFs who haven't considered the degree to which teens have reflected upon their own mortality in it.

A statement on the care provided to a teenage transgender
girl who is a carrier for a BRCA mutation (essentially a gene that greatly increases the risk of fatal breast cancer).
She lost her mother when she was 15β€”16 to breast cancer. She watched her mother die. When told that hormone therapy could deliver her to similar circumstances, she said: "And anyway, I'd rather live a shorter life as a woman than a longer life as a man."

*slaps the roof of a non-deterministic Turing machine* this bad boy can fit so many deterministic Turing machines in it

My wife is so Minnesotan she bought rhubarb from the farmer's market and is now listening to polka.

"Steve Jobs was a hack because he just shouted at people and made a ton of money, but Linus Torvalds is a legend because he shouted at people and made less money!"

"There's no point in complaining about X because you'll never change it. Anyway, here's my 4 hour rant about Windows 10."

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