I find the saying "X puts their pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else" to be ridiculous. I hate putting on pants that way. Just sit on the edge of the bed or a chair and stick both legs in at the same time. Apparently this makes you a super person or something.

In addition to the repairs to the HP4935A, I finally made myself a little interface box with banana jacks / binding posts. Finding new bantam plugs or adapters that aren't astronomically priced is nearly impossible. This will let me connect the test set to whatever I might want to test, without so much bare wire and clip leads 😀​

There are three posts for each side (transmit/receive). A pair to make up the line and a third that is the shield of the cable.

#TestEquipment #HP #Lab #MadScience

Some of my hobby electronics projects

-Frequency Counter 80MHz, big handfull of 4xxx Series ICs, OCXO reference, input for external refrence (w. PLL sync)

-10MHz GPSDO, uBlox Neo 6M (or something) GPS module, Trimble 10MHz OCXO, Atmega 328P

-3.5kW Induction Heater (can melt steel), transformer coupled series resonant topology

I'm Thunderbolt, 25 years old, from germany, i enjoy hardware and software development, watching cartoons/movies, listening to music (metal/djent)


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