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long introduction post 


I'm the hottest potato you will ever meet.

Important things I toot about when I toot: and

I tend to not be the loudest person, but watch me be louder as I move away from tumblr more and more.

bitch ass phone app not giving me notifications what is this bullshit

testing fedilab push notifications can someone interact with this

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The unfortunate fact is that since I am on, I constantly mistype cyber when attempting to go to my bookmark for CyberChef. This is the cross I bear.

friend of mine is being harrassed on twitter and i wanted to report this fucking provably false tweet lying about her.

Turns out twitter does not consider slander to be reportable! only lies about politics or covid!

love these clownish arguments for not joining the fediverse that people have decided they have to invent because otherwise they would need to come here instead.

just keep your mouth shut

subtooting a headass take I saw on twitter 

Perhaps this is like, a nuclear hot take or something. But I think the people who say "think about the creators that you want to support before you leave twitter forever!!!! I rely on twitter for my income!!!!!" are so fucking full of themselves.

Bro. You can post to multiple sites. You can have your own site. Patreon exists, Subscribe Star exists if you post porn or whatever. Twitter is actually not the end-all be-all of places to fucking post art you motherfuckers just all stopped posting anywhere else. This is Not My Problem and its also a regular fuckin risk of the market. Get off your high horse.

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Yo. What's up. I'm a transgender programming shitposter who also does 2D and 3D art, I'm also the person responsible for fxtwitter / TwitFix, so sorry about that

I made this because I don't like Elort Morske.

Follow me if you would like to see:
art, new projects, selfies with an occasional horrible post to keep you on your toes

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me: "Man i really wanna avoid getting a car if I can help it they really are just a bunch of additional expenses that dont contribute a lot to my happyness or wellbeing outside of making me more palletable to american society"

next: "gotta get a car if i wanna be able to drive to work I guess"

next: "my car has now broken down almost immediately, who could have guessed it, that a car, this thing that we have put an overreliance on in our society, has immediately become more of a problem than it is worth to me"

I hate this shit man, thank god i was test driving the damn thing instead of buying it outright.

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short poem 

wet and glistening
dead on the sidewalk and
scavenged by ants
even in this
you resemble your namesake,

Boosting a twitter post because i know this is the perfect audence for it 

on that topic I really need to do more work on my markdown renderer. It still has a problem with not folding text correctly when you include a link. (it struggles to do text folding that looks right when theres tags *in* the text being rendered)

Render is probably not the correct word either, but its to convert from md to nice looking webpage.

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Good news for my landing page revamp: you can totally mark some text as not to be read by a screenreader with `aria-hidden="true"` so now I can add all the godawful ascii art I want and not feel guilty about how it would sound to listen to

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just received feedback my pussy is of an equivalent temperature to a chipotle burrito ✔️

Whats the current Good Mobile App:tm: for fediverse rn?

I am alive!

We will see how long I keep up using masto this time.

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