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We just created a bad Shadowrun supervillian in 2k Sports's NBA 2k 2k18

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Das Racist is really good y'all

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Char's Zaku II is the equivalent of a police version of the crown victoria, with the limiters removed.

char's a fucken cop

Managed to resist writing a long treatise on failure management and resiliency among $work nonsense. This is my great success of today, not talking into the void of advocating for quality among my coworkers.

Ismail al-Jazari doesn't seem to get brought up very much. He is my historical figure of the day.

Vine Bro is remaking Vine. :thaenking: This could be great. :thaenkin: It will probably be worse this time :thounking: "The fear of death follows from the fear of life."

hip hip hooray it’s healthy boy wednesday!

Whats going on with Fat Joe?

I guess this should be:


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good night cybre space.