shoutouts to rustc keeping me warmer in here.

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My Coral Cups are finally available for pre-order. If anyone wants some computationally-crafted porcelain cups...

sometimes I want to try some robotics, but then I remember that hardware is much harder than I ever remember.

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I played some Destiny and now I have a bad headache. Coincidence????????????????????????????????????? ????!

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thornton no. 2 grapefruits, painted by deborah griscom passmore, 1906

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I am hoping Phoenix will help some of the people here write less things from scratch. I know this is a false hope. I have it none the less.

Gonna push for Elixir at work. May the BEAM bless me.

Trying to decide if I should push Elixir at $work.

@kris I am beginning to think that change is everything, rather than not a thing.

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