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Hey I found an open source menstrual cycle tracking app called Drip that doesn't call home to anyone and encrypts your data on your device. It's gender inclusive and it has a prebuilt version Android that you can get either on F-Droid or on their site here:

They have an iOS version but it's not pre compiled. I'll be working on that today so you can get loaded onto your Apple devices, along with the instructions to install it on said Apple device.

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@Temmie19 Be aware that selfcompiled iOS apps will /expire in a fucking week/ unless you (the critter building the app) pay $99 a year for a developer account, and then I think it's more like a year.

Unless they've changed that policy sometime in the few years since we still did iOS apps.


@IceWolf This isn't an issue as I'm not going to be using the Apple app store to install said apps. I'll be using a browser method that gets around that.

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@Temmie19 ...browser method?

The issue isn't with the store, the issue is it's signed with a certificate that expires in a week. Maybe it's different if you're not doing "Xcode build onto device", though.

@IceWolf Yeah! It's kind of an exploit, but also kind of an intended feature where you can actually use the browser to initiate an IPA file installation. It's technically a debug feature that hasn't been removed for years

@Temmie19 Neato! But how do you MAKE that IPA file in a way that it's signed for medium/longterm?

@Temmie19 Like, game IPAs from the app store, those're already signed for long-term (probably just don't have an expiration date).

@IceWolf Hm. You're right. This is more of an issue than I thought because the program I was using doesn't mention until the very end that the apps do only have a week to be used with a free account. Welp, I did want to eventually put things on the App Store anyways

@Temmie19 Wheeee.

Yeah if it's on the App Store it's fine. If it's not...

fuck Apple.

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