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Hi everyone! I am very pleased to announce that I am now the proud owner of 4 TF2 community servers. Each will function like old quick play servers. Random crits, random bullet spread, sprays (regrettably), voting for maps in the vote menu, no ads, no plugins (except maybe Bot Overhaul in the future). Just good ol' fashioned TF2!

Payload and Payload race (except for Hightower):
Control Points and Attack Defend:
CTF and Hightower:
Misc Maps like Doomsday and Degroot Keep:

Can't wait to see you on!

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"It has never been about getting back. It has always been about getting to where we're going. That, is the mission."
~Dr. Nicholas Rush

to think this one single line from TF2 would be re-contextualized in the most funny yet thematically fitting way

remember when all laptops had removable, swappable battery packs that you could eject and slap back into the back of your computer like a gun magazine reload action?

do you remember what they took from you???

I think one thing that bothers me a lot with anything tech related is that while, yes, a lot of things can definitely have improved UX that is more user friendly, a lot of other things already have great UX that has been polished for years but gets a lot of undeserved criticism simply for being different from the status quo and/or requiring even the smallest amount of learning or effort

and I honestly entirely blame corporations that over the last 20 years have done everything to create walled gardens with the promise of "we do everything for you, if you have to think while using a computer that means it's bad"
and it's terrifying how well that worked on so so so many people

sometimes things just require you to sit down for half an hour, read something, learn something, try something you're not used to. that's normal. that is simply how anything even remotely advanced has worked for the thousands of years. you don't pick up an electric drill and throw a tantrum because it doesn't work exactly like a screwdriver. computers are a tool that let you do things, and just like any other tool, may require putting at least the smallest amount of effort into learning something

it's honestly frustrating how normalized "nuh uh i got adopted by [corporation's walled garden] and this is where i live for the rest of my life. anything even slightly different is just bad. why would I ever consider anything else, that's effort and effort is bad" has become

I understand that habits can be very strong, and I get it, adjusting to new things takes time, but it's not the end of the world. "more complex" doesn't necessarily mean "worse", it just means you would need to learn and adjust. teaching math at school doesn't stop at pre-algebra, it goes all the way to trigonometry and calculus because there's a good reason for it to be more complicated than the basics. learn something new, it's good for you.

welcome to the fedi, here's your complimentary torrent of Hackers (1995) 


For new people on the fediverse: PLEASE caption your images

I think when I'm in pain I feel increasingly distressed and melancholy. It's quite the abysmal experience

New Minecraft splash text being added in 1.19.3 includes "Contains infinite genders"

New Minecraft splash text being added in 1.19.3 includes "Contains infinite genders"

I should rent a billboard and just have it have a picture of the Scout from TF2 laughing at the onlooker

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