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Hi everyone! I am very pleased to announce that I am now the proud owner of 4 TF2 community servers. Each will function like old quick play servers. Random crits, random bullet spread, sprays (regrettably), voting for maps in the vote menu, no ads, no plugins (except maybe Bot Overhaul in the future). Just good ol' fashioned TF2!

Payload and Payload race (except for Hightower):
Control Points and Attack Defend:
CTF and Hightower:
Misc Maps like Doomsday and Degroot Keep:

Can't wait to see you on!

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"It has never been about getting back. It has always been about getting to where we're going. That, is the mission."
~Dr. Nicholas Rush

Friendly reminder that my search engine lets you search the Pirate Bay without the ads or the pop ups and even tells you how many seeders and leachers there are on each torrent

Cybre Space is so quiet now..

It's kind of sad

Hey there, good lookin

Gotta bucket of chicken

I was gonna do a Fanta vs. Jarritos poll but Jarritos is blatantly better

Wearing a total fit today. Galaxy shirt, galaxy leggings, galaxy skirt, galaxy head bandanna, and star socks. Probably will post a picture later

nsfw, stupid joke 

If you swallow a load of cum is that just eating a kids meal

nsfw, stupid joke 

If you swallow a load of cum is that just eating a kids meal

Does anyone know what happened to @magdalene from Cybre Space? I just noticed that all their replies to my posts are gone and their username doesn't show up anymore

Moving multiple times a year because you finally finished stealing all the neighborhood wives and adding them to your polycule so you have to move onto the next neighborhood (and also a bigger house)

Man I wish Chr would get back to me. I really would love to transfer Cybre Space over to myself so we don't lose it

First my blender breaks which means no more smoothies



Hey look it's Temmie. It's been 10 days since I last logged on

I'm gonna kidnap someone

But only if they want me to

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