So yesterday I was at Ikea and they now have a plant-based strawberry frozen treat and sugar/waffle cone options for super cheap, and like, I just want to eat this forever, now.

Like, I've already looked up how to try to duplicate this at home. I wanna go back for another one...

So I was reminded of when a T1 internet cable was SUPER FAST (25 years ago) and I had to find out how fast it really was

Is this anything, this wouldn't leave my brain until I did it

I haven't gone to a in awhile... It's nice to get a mocha in an actual MUG!

Also got a free scone from for my half-birthday!

Also can't help but show off my, and stickers!

They're replacing the windows in our unit today - having them removed was super fast, but it's gonna take time to clean up afterwards!

The place needs it, anyhow....

The amount of wholesome in this picture just fills me with such love 💖


Just watching Ranma 1/2 again, but I have to throw this question out there -- can anyone help me identify what this pose is, whenever anyone is launched, they take on this "legs folded together, hands posed". Does this mean anything or is it just a standard Takahashi pose?

I am SO HAPPY that this has an official English release!

That's not a bad result, but yeah, that Happiness meter is lacking it seems...

Test found here:

Spent the evening doing a dive into JavaScript with so that a thermometer for my streaming will automatically update as donations come in!

I'm starting to finally understand code, I feel so much better when things come together 💖

We seem to have a lot of invasive stink bugs in our front yard...

(i reported it, and of course they suggest eliminating them, but... I don't wanna...)

I was looking at t-shirts lately, and realized that there isn't a resurgence of Metroid/Samus shirts but rather there's Ms. Marvel shirts

I found out an interesting Japanese phrase this past week: Kuchisabishii

Today's project, in advance of my cottage vacation: Vodka Cherries!

These won't be ready for 4 months so this will take some serious resistance. I'm gonna bury it in the back of the pantry!

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