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If anyone is a fan of Little Nightmares, I would highly recommend Darq. I just played through it and it's got a similar creepy feel, but has a wonderful world-flipping mechanic. For the gearhead in me, I loved how "chunky" the world felt.

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Running a little late but I'm gonna start playing Dead by Daylight shortly!

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The Bad Thoughts are mostly gone now. 😊

I'll be going live and playing AMONG US with the NaNoWriMo crew shortly as a new ! Please let me know if there's any screwy audio stuff.

Big props have to go to C for being strong and supportive, and even reaching out to people on my behalf, through the past few days. It can't have been an easy task to breach this conversation, but she understands the need for friends in this difficult moment.

I wanted to bring this up but Kevin beat me to the punch. If there's anything that raises my spirits, it's the fundraising that I do for Extra Life every year. If you can donate, it's always appreciated. On an unrelated note, This morning I just got Twitch Affiliate status, which allows me to get donations through "bits" and subscriptions, which will be even more useful for the Extra Life Marathon on early November. Thank you for all those who have supported me on this journey.

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Looking back at the past few days after being assaulted, I've realized that I've been in my head a lot. I've been very insular and isolated and I didn't like having that quiet time. However, I have been looking so much at myself the past few days that I haven't paid enough attention to the countless people who have reached out to contact me, leave a comment, or directly message me.

I realize that the people around me are the ones who care about me, almost more than I care about myself. They see the strength that I'm unable to see. And for that, I am humbled and grateful. I've been run down and I haven't been looking around myself to see all the care and concern you all have for me.

Thank you everyone for your support and care in these past few days. I cannot express enough how much it means to me.

I've been telling some people to use the rage they feel to "Avenge my death when I die", but I don't intend to be leaving this blue marble for awhile yet. 😉


Let me preface this with: I'm OK.

I got assaulted this evening while I was walking to get groceries. I have scrapes on my hands and elbows and I had my phone stolen, but otherwise I'm alright. It'll be a while before I mentally recover though.

It's SUS SUNDAY and I'm trying to get to Affiliate; I would love if you can come watch the stream tonight!

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History repeats itself. I've always wanted to mention Puppet History because it's brilliant, and this just felt appropriate

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checking with the tree of life real quick to find out how many pints are in a cup just American things

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