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witch tip: if some rando traveler won’t stop asking you for your “strongest potions” just give them a flask of dish soap

little dragon in a bottle I sketched out during art club on Friday

anything can be exodia the forbidden one if you try hard enough

honestly between digivices scannerz and e-readers and im still enamored by bar codes and magnetic strips

i want to make a masto app so here i have downloaded 5 separate ios clients and a have giant spreadsheet that im filling with what i do/dont like about each one

hey quick bump again that ive moved to

hey im living that yiff life now:

hey im living that yiff life now:

i finally got my shit together yesterday and bought a new parmesan cheese so its time for some fucking midnight pasta done RIGHT

lucario: fightdog
duck hunt: fightdog 2
isabelle: fightdog 3

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