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Good thing I have to push the button TWICE before blowing up the entire space station from within! Safety first!

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All of the code I write is dodo code

love to pay extra to have a package shipped to my door, then get an "unable to deliver" notification while I'm sitting at home

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animal crossing allows you to live the outlandish fantasy of being a millionaire who actually invests their profits into their community

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#Tusky 11 is out since a few days. This time we did not make big changes, but quite a lot of polishing and some small new features, most of which can be toggled with a setting:
- Notifications about new follow requests when your account is locked
- disable swiping between tabs
- show a confirmation dialog before boosting a toot
- show link previews in timelines

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Yay! Queen of the Unwanted, The second book in #JennaGlass's (fka #JennaBlack ) Women's War series is out today. Gloriously feminist epic fantasy.

#Fantasy #SFF #Books

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Social Web, luke-warm take, content filtering 

Content filtering that depend on putting more work on the content authors is never complete.
For multiple reasons:

1) Bad faith authors: misusing metadata to force noise through the filter (e.g. # MastoDev )

2) Low spoon authors: opting out or forgetting to use metadata (e.g. missing image descriptions)

3) Apathetic authors: outright not using a feature because it doesn't impact them (e.g. not using content warnings at all)


It's amazing what kinds of things will break suspension of disbelief.

I'm reading a high fantasy set in near-future America, rife with demons, magic, monsters, and supernatural powers, and that's all fine.

However, I just read a passage where one of the characters is listening to an audio cd as the batteries in the player die, and it talks about how the sound slows way down as the battery discharges, and my brain immediately goes "What, it doesn't work like that!"

I love that the spatial compression of the glitching on my avatar makes it look completely different on the "boosted by" graphic

:battery_low: boosting your posts after 'murica wakes up
:battery_full: posting at 5am

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remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer

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Something I think more people should know about: The N'Ko Script 

In 1949, after five years of experimentation brought on by being unsatisfied with the state of writing for West African languages, Solomana Kante created a native script for the Manding languages called N'Ko.

It was designed specifically to be a script for these languages made by a native speaker of them, rather than attempting to forcibly fit a foreign script (namely, the Latin and Arabic scripts) to work with them.

From it's introduction in Guinea, it's since spread to other Manding speaking areas, currently enjoying somewhat widespread use in Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, and Kante's native Guinea as well.

It's creation and dissemination has lead to a significant increase in literacy in the area, as well as a strengthening in the cultural identity of much of Manding-speaking West Africa.

It's use is found in everything from newspapers, dictionaries and textbooks, to works of poetry, documents on traditional medicine and even a translation of the Quran

Here's the Wikipedia article for more!:'Ko_scr

Hey fediverse, what's the best ultra-low-power (I'm thinking like raspberry pi) server hardware these days?

I want something I can just set up, plug in somewhere out of the way at home, and connect to over the network.

Hard requirements:
- no fans
- ethernet port
- well-supported for some unix, ideally linux

Motivation: I keep seeing all these cool projects that are alternatives to proprietary services, but there's never a public instance.

bröder kan jeg ha ett smörgåsbord

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as an american technologist it's actually been really heartening to see EU regulations be so certain and effective. my whole conception of the tactics of software, of how to make ethical software and how to navigate prevailing dynamics, presumes that governments will behave like zombie entities, either because they are captured or inept, and so will never create meaningful regulations toward ethical software. so the transformative assertions of GDPR and the EDPB are equally surprising and relieving.

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