@andre Email/IM literacy needs to be a basic job requirement (for places where it's an integral part of the job), not just like "ohohoho that frank, replied all to the entire company again complaining about the design on the toilet paper"

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@vicorva Hmmmmmmmmm... maybe I'll continue avoiding, then

@vicorva Hm, I had also avoided Dark Souls (and any game advertised as being similar) because of this reputation.

Based on your experience, maybe I should give it a shot.

Chrome just tried to warn me about a password breach on cybre.space :thinking_very_hard:

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looking for work, please boost 

"What's the word for it when you do a thing even though you know it doesn't make any difference, because it's the thing you do?
You know, like recycling. Or voting."

@StaticallyTypedRice It's because sourceforge was last millennium's github, and change is hard.

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@Excuse_haver @mil the real crime was the scorpions we overfed along the way

@thor @katnjia I've lived in Copenhagen for ~10 years, although I grew up in the US

@katnjia I can't remember any of them specifically, but each time it was "whatever mixed drink the bartender felt like making" (which is what I was going for)

@katnjia I have ordered a kamelåså in multiple Copenhagen bars

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things I love:
- sunshine
Things that literally cannot be done at the same time no matter how high my screen brightness is:
- sitting in the sunshine
- coding


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For someone who's so deadly set against Socialism in any way, shape, and form, Bloomberg sure loves being publicly owned.

Sometimes it's hard to stop typing banananana

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