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New Lamb of God - I love the moment in the video when the music picks up

Lamb of God: Memento Mori:

Once in a while, somebody asks me whether there's such a thing as inspirational metal:

Nobody can stop me from listening to Ants of the Sky on repeat for the entire day


(sorry, this one's not available on invidious - if you're interested, buy their album at )

Cool aesthetic, and it's always nice to see a woman of color fronting a metal band

Ad Infinitum: Marching on Versailles

Konvent is one of the few interesting metal bands to come out of Copenhagen, and their debut album is coming out tomorrow!

If you like doom metal or feel like something different, check it out:

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Konvent: Puritan Masochism

Apparently I should have gone to the Roskilde Festival this year...

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Loving this right now, and especially loving that the drummer has a gong.
Ningen Isu: Heartless Scat


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