I regretfully inform you that, here, Cool Ranch Doritos are branded

Yay, it's the Flat Design Toggle Guess Which One Is Selected game!

Denmark has really bought into black friday.
I was annoyed and disgusted when I saw that (health/beauty store) Matas has expanded it to "black week". But then I saw the (Walmartlike) Bilka advertising for "black november"… 😭

From the team that brought you Stepping on Lego in the Middle of the Night, it's Lego Ball Pit

Wow, kid me legitimately never noticed that one of the Legend of Zelda dungeons was literally a swastika 😬
(the right-facing Buddhist one instead of the left-facing one that the Nazis adopted, but still 😬)

N, several years younger than me: Ugh, I can't believe I'm turning _35_ this year!
(eye contact ish)

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