Linux (or GNU plus Linux etc.) has its issues, but it has the following properties WHICH I CANNOT BELIEVE I CANNOT TAKE FOR GRANTED ON A PC OPERATING SYSTEM

- 10 seconds after I select "Shut Down", the PC is off
- 10 seconds after I turn the PC on, I have access to a usable interface
- 10 hours after I walk away from it, the PC is still running the same session with the same applications
- 10 months after installation, all the same applications still run on the PC

@Tak windows 10 has gotten really good at imitating the first two, by turning off the monitor way before the computer is powered down and by loading the system and your apps _while_ you're entering the password in the log-on screen...

@devurandom Yeah, they started that with XP - I remember starting at the IE6 icon over that grassy knoll, waiting the 5 more minutes it would take to actually be able to do something.

However, the recentish forced update philosophy is ridiculous and infuriating.

@Tak @devurandom it's kind of nice from security perspective and as a developer I don't have to thing about old edge either

@devurandom @Tak Unfortunately, the latter slows down my login prompt (sometimes even stalls it for a few seconds!).. 10/10 speed

@Tak when you type "shutdown -h now" it fucking does it instead of asking if you're really really really really super duper sure with chocolate and cherries on top.

when you kill a process, it doesn't just magically pop up again as if you did nothing, or just freeze and refuse to respond. it just kills the process.


me waiting 30 minutes for my Windows PC to reboot for an update and having to immediately perform another 15 minute reboot because it fucked up the first try: yep, sounds normal

me waiting 30 seconds for my Chromebook to reboot for a full system update: WHAT THE HELL IS TAKING SO LONG

@ben @Tak I think I'm on an insider track so I don't know how widespread this experience is but my last 2 Windows updates have both completed in under a minute and most of that time is normal shutdown/startup

@violet @Tak I have Windows 10 on a hard drive and I have actually timed it and it does always seem to take around 30 minutes from shutdown to the login screen appearing (not including time spent after the login screen where it's completely unresponsive)

@Tak I don't take these things for granted, but I expect and demand them from the operating systems I use. It boggles my mind that anybody can be comfortable with an experience that doesn't include this (and other should-be-default-experiences like not having forced updates, etc.)

@Tak You must have an SSD to get that 10-second boot time?

@leadore I do (also the windows and osx installs).
With a spinning drive, it would be maybe 30 seconds?

@Tak @leadore After UEFI goes through and does its thing, Linux boots from spinning rust in under 10 seconds (distro: Void Linux, including delay from "startx").

The problem is UEFI. As always.

@Tak Mine takes a little over 30 secs, but it's not the latest and greatest hardware.

@Tak All those work on Mac, as well. My dooong to desktop, including typing username/password, is a few seconds. Not that I restart it, uptime is weeks or months between system updates.

It's literally only Windows that doesn't work.

@Tak I get the same result with Apple...for a lot higher price. I was going to switch over to Microsoft from Apple but maybe I should try Linux. Especially since, on my current computer, Microsoft is still able to switch all my Word files to look like Zip files, and now and then my photos suddenly open with Photoshop instead of Preview...

@Tak is this really not true of Windows? How do people live like that?

Those 10 seconds can easily become 5 on an SSD drive, too

@Tak Due to the UEFI startup process on my machines, it takes a *lot* longer than 10 seconds to get to a login prompt. :(

Shutdown is lightning fast though.

@Tak thanks for reminding me.

As arch linux user, really i only have annoying X stuff right now. (and maybe a wifi/dns thing that won't co-operate..) I should really not be too frustrated with that.

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