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Anyone self publishing a physical video game? Please respond with a link! #toot #gamedev #retro #retrogamedev

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Facebook has "unintentionally" harvested the email address books of about 1.5 million users during the past 3 years.

This was done as part of the new user sign in process, where users were prompted to enter their email password to verify themselves.

As part of that process Facebook helped themselves to their address books to build up the social graph and "suggest new friends".

Just when I thought our society was perfect, we have now achieved teaser trailers for songs:

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This is something I have been working toward, alongside many others, during my entire career at Unity.

It took a lot of "hack weeks," 20% time, and other donated time to get off the ground; it came within a hair's breadth of being terminated multiple times.
We fought to keep it alive, to get it onto the release track, to keep it from being shipped with special license restrictions.

It's great to finally see our work having a public impact.

me: Maybe we should snuggle up and watch the new It
N: Do you WANT me to never sleep again?
me: That's Nightmare on Elm Street.

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My friend's father passed away, and she's asking for some financial support. If any of you are writers or game devs she does game writing and proofreading commissions, and she also has a patreon and kofi.

#gamedev #writing

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LAST REMINDER: My dayjob is giving away $100,000 USD to 4 #FreeSoftware projects that serve international development, humanitarian response, or peacebuilding.

Applications are due by the end of Monday 15 April (Anywhere On Earth; e.g. UTC-12).

#OpenSource #FLOSS #FOSS

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I have a strange affliction where occurrences of tiny subsets of song lyrics in my life trigger songs to start playing in my brain.

"Do you have the time?" - Basket Case
"Make up your mind" - Possum Kingdom / Sober / ...
Any kind of church bell - For Whom the Bell Tolls / Hells Bells

If I were a video game boss, this would be the key to defeating me. Several people with whom I interact daily are aware of this, but have kindly (so far) chosen not to torment me.

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Time to go party at Peet, but before that, here's my emoji/special character picker.

It's light-weight and keyboard-driven and works for any X or Wayland system.

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Hey! For #Tusky I've decided to work on delegating instead of taking on work myself.

So, that said who wants to help us write a comprehensive FAQ?

1835: Democracy is the tyranny of the majority
2019: Democracy is the tyranny of the gullible

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If you want to help testing #Tusky, there are two options for you:

Prior to every major release, we make a beta version available for a few days. It contains all changes for the release and should already be quite stable. You can sign up for beta versions on Google Play:

Mastodon, you are committing the cardinal sin of MOVING THE GODDAMNED UI WHILE I AM INTERACTING WITH IT :fire_angry:

Ugh, why are boosts of posts from muted accounts shown in my timeline?

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