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Lo, the Switch spake, and it said, "B shall be the button for jumping, and the button for jumping shall be B. It shall not be Y, neither shall it be X. A shall be the sign of thy lazy PC port. Shoulder buttons are right out!"

The bots firing at the top of the hour is the fediverse counterpart of all the bell towers ringing in an old city

In order to play the Switch demo of Taiko no Tatsujin, one is required to agree to this 15-page EULA AND this 9-page privacy policy from Bandai Namco

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possibly relevant for US peeps:

George Takei: If you are turned away at the polls because your name is not on the register, don’t walk away. Say this: I REQUEST A PROVISIONAL BALLOT AS REQUIRED BY LAW.

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I see a red door and I want to party rock.
No colors anymore I want to party rock.
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head and party rock it goes

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Spotify had a big ass breach. This morning? Log in, force a log out of all locations, and reset your passwords.

At least 4,000 accounts affected with passwords exposed in plain text.

Boost for visibility.

Firefox makes me an offer I can't refuse

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Me: Hey, avocados look kind of like walnuts do before the outer shell is removed! I wonder if I dry out some avocado pits, if they'll turn out something like dried walnuts...


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"holy balls. this is incredible

the [libssh] vulnerability literally works like this:

me: "can i log in?"

server: "no. you need a password."

me: "hacker voice i'm in"

server: "login successful. you're in""

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TIL `git push --force-with-lease`. I don't always git push force, but when I do, I make sure nothing else has been pushed first. Seriously though, that part always scares me so I'm glad this feature exists.

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I am kinda amazed by @gnome developers recently. They're questioning things which should be questioned, even though it upsets some people. That's quite brave.

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So...Washed Up! is out NOW 😎

Scratch that block-arranging itch with a our environmentally-themed puzzle game, the first from our husband & wife micro-team. 20% discount in launch week!!

Please Boost :)
#indiegame #madewithunity

N: I'm a real gamer now! I've finally played a zelda!
Also N: Put approximately 1000 hours each into Diablo 2 and NWN, completed doom3 with experimental Linux coöp mod

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Hey all. My friends just launched a Kickstarter for their spooky horror game IMMURE. It's ambitious and they could really use a boost.

Take a look. Back it if you like it.

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fact: people who work evening/night shifts at 24 hour establishments are heroes.

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Position Independent Executable: no, normal executable!

The official Signal-Desktop binary does NOT use Position-Independent Executable to protect itself against memory exploitation by utilizing ASLR.

This is because Electron does not use PIE, I fixed it yesterday (just 3 LoC). Now, my PIE commit has been merged into Electron upstream.

After the next Electron 2.0.x stable release, Signal-Desktop should be able to use PIE.

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