Apparently I can turn on the entire display with 3 bytes.

I ordered my dev kit. very excited cause I have a lot of plans for stuff I want to do. Also, I have been using the NRF51(very simular to the NRF52 in the pinetime) at my internship. I have grown to like these little chips and can't wait to do some more programming on them.

Ok, so I got 3 of these led displays with 6 micros on them running mystery code. This is what they do if I send /dev/urandom at a high baud rate to a pin labelled RXD

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When you are singing some japanese song out loud, you suddendly realize what they are saying and realize you probably shouldn't be singing this out loud.

So, even though I tought I ruled this out in the beginning, apparently the problem was my headphones. Allthough it still registers random media button presses every so often.

So, apparently my touch screen was just being wierd, that connector was for something else

Ok, so, I can't fiddle with the headphone jack to see whats wrong without interacting with the screen to turn on music and I can't fiddle around with the jack because the touchscreen connector is connected to the same board. Gonna try wireless adb go turn on some music

Taking apart my oneplus 3t again, Hope I'll have a working headphone jack after this

Gonna make a small version of this big matrix, the cute matrix on top is the display I am using, I got four of them from akiba led in japan last summer.

Ok, so I am trying out jlcpcb's new smt assembly service and even though I have tried everything in terms of using their examples of generated BOM and placement files, their preview just isn't showing my parts on the pcb.

Ok, so I am a dutch person trying to find out some real info about US 2020 elections and the info I am finding seems to be full of vague info, misleading graphs and just straight up false websites of candidates (at least I think that is what I am finding). Isn't there an unbiased site with the candidates, their poll rating and their main standpoints.

There is no way I will ever find the cad files, it is a wonder that I found the assembly instructions on

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the tragedy of the openstreetmaps

more information than google maps could ever dream of having

but you can't find anything because the search is not great.. :blobsad:

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