Working on a bit of a blender project. This freestyle (the black lines in the picture) feature is kidna cool. I had some problems with crashes from it using too much ram but after getting rid of a few thousand polygons it works well.

Playing around with some blender nodes today. Tried to make a bit of a realistic looking procedural crt texture. Seemed to have kinda worked.

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I think I have a problem. I am addicted to clicking circles.

So, that wasn't exactly what I was planning for that image to look at

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So, I said some time ago that I ordered a , here is an update on a little project.

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Open and Shut

Type in Morse code by repeatedly slamming your laptop shut

During this time of lockdown, I have heard so many people say: with this lockdown, you have plenty of time to do X. That I don't have time to do anything anymore.

I guess I am in lockdown now. For at least as long as I feel ill

Fixing up a little 3d model for printing, I am done with the twin tails, now I need to work on the rest

So, this evening began with opening and finding captchas that I couldn't solve because they quickly switch to errors. I turned off my vpn and now it is just errors. I really hope these changes to youtube won't kill newpipe.

I ordered my dev kit. very excited cause I have a lot of plans for stuff I want to do. Also, I have been using the NRF51(very simular to the NRF52 in the pinetime) at my internship. I have grown to like these little chips and can't wait to do some more programming on them.

Ok, so I got 3 of these led displays with 6 micros on them running mystery code. This is what they do if I send /dev/urandom at a high baud rate to a pin labelled RXD

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