It turns out building an detailed rc plane from plans of the internet is actually pretty hard work.

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A baboon who acted as assistant to a disabled railway signalman in South Africa

(submitted by yboris)

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a student applied to work, was handed a task to write C code to find the maximum of an array. here's their result, verbatim:

int main()
double array[1...100];
cout << array[i];
cout << i;
return 0;

My life seems to be all over the place lately, won a robot competition 2 weeks ago for which I basically dropped everything for 4 weeks. I also went to an abandoned factory a few days later for some reason. Then I build some electronics into someones art project and now I need to get some school work done, have a presentation in 2 days and I need to find an internship. On top of that I have some tests to prepare for. Luckily I am going to japan a few weeks after that.

So, am currently working on a robot for a race that is coming soon. This means I start working at 11 in the morning and stop at around 9 in the evening (excluding an hour travel time in both directions). I really hope this thing is going to work because 70 hour work weeks aren't very healthy.

We are at the other side of the water now. 5 intetnet points if you can guess where I am.

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I listened to this amazing mix a little less than 2 years ago and it basically started my love for anime.

Felt like sharing

Considering staying awake to see the rocket launch in about 2 hours. But I have school tomorrow.

I guess that is a boost converter, allthough I tought the ratio of Vin / Vout was equal to Ton / T

That buffer is definately too slow. Looks cool though.

I finally found the piece of piano sheet music for a cruel angels thesis from a youtube video.
The only problem now is that I found it on a japanese sheet music website. Now I just need to figure out how to pay 300 yen on a japanese website.

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