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Leaving Cybre.Space for a different instance, details below the break! 

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realizing I've been isekai'd as the protagonist of a lucasarts point and click adventure game, and the slow creeping terror of death upon deducing I'm actually in a Sierra point and click adventure game.

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Sometimes as a substitute you walk in and sit at a teacher's desk and just immediately feel at home

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Hi I'm Adam or Swiff, I enjoy

- Getting "Dunked" Upon
- Wizards & Associated Pleasures
- sowrd
- uhhhh
- smonk

I'm a big giant history dork, I play a lot of games, I draw (more some times than others), I get way too into storytelling minutia, and I'm a big fan of space and living in space and things in space.

There are some really exceptionally good people here, and I feel like I'm getting better by association daily.

I've been shuffling instances a bit but I'm here now!

Leaving Cybre.Space for a different instance, details below the break! 

Leaving Cybre.Space for a different instance, details below the break! 

SO, actually gonna move forward on this, and will have a link soon for folks to find me again, but i'll also be doing lots of manual follows+followbacks so hopefully not too much will be lost in the shuffle.

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Gonna maybe put the feelers out for a new instance. We'll see. Been some disappointing behavior out of some folks here in cybre, first that I heard of second hand and now which I actually witnessed.

Not a fan.

@Swiff i keep returning to this photo. this is how it feels to live rn

For example: people are not AFAB or AMAB. Unless you are talking about a literally newborn baby, people have been AFAB or AMAB. "Assigned" is a past participle, and "birth", for most people, occurred in the past on a single occasion. Just a fun little bit of grammar for you on this Friday.

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you ever get to posting for so long that you start thinking you are your avi and forget about your real face

The wizard hat weighs heavily upon mine brow this day,,,

fedi racist meltdown 

i tried phantasy star online 2 for the first time. that game is completely inscrutable

The white people I connect with realize that whiteness steals everyone's culture and replaces it with this quasi ideology based around bigotry and hate.

White people benefit financially from this but it hollows them out in virtually every other way.

White people that work to extricate whiteness from their identity are working to get their humanity and decency back, which was stolen from them.

These are the kind of white folks I attract. The ones that do the work for and by themselves.

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I live for those "okay listen up" ultra-hot takes where someone says, like, five good and reasonable things and then torpedo themselves by adding a sixth horrible take.

"okay folks here's the tea: food is yummy, i like cats, naps are good, laughing is great, it's good to have friends, cops must be respected because they're important to society."

@chillallmen As much as Jar Jar Binks sucked, the treatment of Ahmed Best by Star Wars fans was infinitely worse. He didn't deserve any of that shit.

What's the internal temperature of a tauntaun? 

*Theme of Me Whenever I drive (windows UP) through the bustling downtown of my home city, with barely a mask to be seen among the happily dining and socializing restaurant patrons*

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