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quitting fediverse for the time being :/ things are just too toxic

companies making regional brand accounts is block evasion, plain and simple

my claim to fame is that I did the first implementation of content warnings on mastodon and to follow up on this I'm introducing a new post type that kills you when you look at it

sRGB and NAT are two technologies that ruined everything but were also extremely necessary

@SuricrasiaOnline BDSM is like sex for people with a fashion sense

this is probably the driving motivator for people getting into bdsm because at least there's a sense of fuckin style

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@SuricrasiaOnline "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo" is a quine, somehow

just because you're filming two people having a sloppy nap together doesn't give you the right to violate the 180 degree rule

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*blackle doing standup* so what's the DEAL with poor cinematography in internet pornography?!?

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do the people on pornhub know how to hire a gaffer or do they just not care

github is just pornhub just completely different in every way

mtn dew is what I imagine slurm would taste like

"she said her wife's mom said she couldn't understand her" does a double pointer deref

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gonna make a programming language that reads like english text but like, only uses the bad parts of english? like the sentence "tim's had had had had had a better effect on his teacher" pushes the value "4" onto the stack

we're gonna have furry IRL someday and when that happens u better watch out bc I BITE

my favourite payphone phreaking technique which I'd love to try is to dial a toll free number, ask them to hang up, then play DTMF tones to the resultant dial tone

apparently this doesn't always work, but I've heard if you play white noise to the earpiece it might stop the phone from detecting the dialtone

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