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netcatting a server and manually typing "GET / HTTP/1.0" is the modern day playing prerecorded DTMF tones into the phonebooth mouthpiece to dial a number

sometimes hard to tell when someone is playing along with my unfiction or genuinely fooled

seeing tweets that use "shitpost" as we use it today as far back as 2009

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the word itself is probably a 4chan thing, if I were to bet anything. but it's normalization may have been a weird twitter thing

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developing a wider fanbase by courting the academic TF crowd on main

is the correct historical narrative that shitposting grew out of weird twitter, or is there a clearer thru line from a different form of posting? maybe greentext? tumblr posts?

mastodon posters are just built different TWITTER DO NOT INTERACT PLS DON'T HURT ME

I feel like I would be good at writing flavour text

is it a bad idea to post to twitter from beyond the grave

lots of typos, they must've been eager to finish the paper and get back to the lab

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*society if utopia meme* naked gun but it's not transphobic

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