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welcome to
where you can be anything you want, which is why everyone is a catgirl

hey.. hey have-um, have you ever seen a meme? no? I've got a meme u wanna see? yeah I got it right here.. sorry wait I have to find it... sorry hard to find memes these days

ok sorry y'all, I know that last post was a stinker, he's a little bit of a palate cleanser

oh no you don't understand. in MY timeline Jordan Peterson is a T-guy who gets the queers into star wars lore like Jon Bois did for football

oh cool! a doomed timeline! that's where all my friends live!

legen-wait for it-dary is just antici....pation for straight people

so is *anyone* gonna write an academic paper about the weird TF goo or am I going to need to do everything myself?

I feel like they could turn the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy movie into a TV show a la what we do in the shadows

my brain is totally broken rn but I gotta stay up to finish doing laundy >.<

if anyone has a oneliner for this it would be much appreciated

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git should come out with a command called `git deadname-killer` that rewrites the history to search/replace commit author name

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