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anyone got instance recommendations for a music blog? i.e. just posting a music link every day?

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I really need a peach time face emoji on this instance

I didn't think sneakernet maid outfit delivery would be on the suricrasia online 2021 roadmap but here we are

don't ask why keeping a single core busy keeps my machine stable. my computer is haunted

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now that I don't need to reverse sha-256 hashes, I'm working on a different kind of program to run on a single core of my machine to prevent it from crashing

anyone in the toronto area want a L-sized maid outfit that I don't want

Hey! Do you take estradiol pills and/or are interested in estradiol delivery mechanisms? If it were possible to make estradiol delivery more efficient (such that one person’s needs could be met with only a fraction of a prescription), would that interest you?

You might want to read this article, which explores one possible way of doing just that!

"now let's get the opposite of horny and watch some anime"

is there a better word for "lich's phylactery" that doesn't co-opt a jewish word? please don't say horcrux

"if you accept the definition of a gap as a set of spaces surrounded by a word-"

I'm not going to say "don't buy outfits advertised as sexy cosplay" but I will say "don't do this twice and expect different quality"

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