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if you carve the suricrasia online logo into wood I can see through it 👀

I say "pre-trained" and by that I mean "maybe a database of 2-gram frequencies idk"

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anyone know of a good non-neural-network pre-trained word-level language model that's performant and can give me the perplexity of a sentence?

I finally found a use for my @SuricrasiaOnline sticker!! I'm going to put it on my server and it'll boost the performance by 24.8%!!

looking for photographs that incidentally look like CGI

(Skrekkøgle's Still File need not apply)

October 22nd, 2023. All rooms suddenly shrink by 1 inch. The phenomenon remains unexplainable.

it would be hype if I had a colour picker on my twitch streams that viewers can use to choose the colour of different items in my live shaders

anyone in the #portland area looking for a roommate? I can pay $400 in rent

i need to move out of a very abusive housing situation before being evicted from not vacuuming and mopping everyday (yes this is serious)

boosts are appreciated! :boost_ok:

thank you!

:boost_ok:​ I'm looking for someone to share a 2 bedroom apartment with me since my current roommate will be away until at least the end of 2020 (and probably longer) due to COVID reasons

This is Toronto, west side near Dufferin and King. Queer and trans friendly (I'm a trans woman,) $1425/month. DM for more details!

please boost!

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