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hey everyone! I'm going to move to my gts instance @suricrasia, so follow me there! :boost_ok:

hey everyone! I'm moving to this account, so send me a follow! :D

I will eventually Move this account to @suricrasia, as a backup, but my main will still be at

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I'm going to eventually Move this account to a different masto instance in case anyone misses this message.

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hey everyone! I'm going to move to my gts instance @suricrasia, so follow me there! :boost_ok:

I showed tetra this extremely potent unfiction project I've been working on for the last two years and it was so intense it gave her a headache

anyone have a link to that website where people upload samples and other people use them to make music?

surprised that datasheets for camera modules don't normally include a sample photo taken with said camera

my unknown armies character just got a date by being stabbed

the "sending virtual hug" gif is a load-bearing part of the internet

I want to give a notes app apology for this but I can't figure out how to screenshot

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trans health question 

Does anyone on here have details or resources on transfemme hormone therapy and the risks for heart disease, cancer, etc. Especially relative to cis women.

It's something I get attacked on frequently by bigots in the family, but I feel woefully under prepared to talk about it and Google isn't much help. It's also just. Something that's getting to me a bit too.

g4's spock market walked so jerma's invisible hand could run

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